FS: 25 titles, To Live and Die in LA, Army of Darkness Boomstick, others under $10

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    I have for sale the following dvds.
    All are original, store bought dvds, with the inserts if they came with one. Pictures are available for all dvds.
    Shipping is included in the price for USPS Media Mail with delivery confirmation. USPS Priority Mail is by request with the zipcode needed to estimate cost.
    The dvds are shipped in a white vinyl tearproof and waterproof bubble mailer with a piece of bubble wrap inside the dvd case to prevent the dvd from popping out. The more expensive dvds are shipped out in a special size 8 x 10 x 2 cardboard box with packing peanuts and bubble wrap.
    Please check my ebay id: nj2000devils for references.
    I accept paypal and money order.
    If you have any questions email me at [email protected] and I will respond.
    Thanks for looking.
    Michael Gerasimenko

    Title UPC Studio Price

    Army Of Darkness Boomstick Edition WS+FS 013131250091 Anchor Bay (Sealed) $16
    To Live and Die in L.A. WS 027616886453 MGM (Sealed) $12 **SOLD
    Pearl Harbor Director's Cut Vista Series WS 786936168532 Touchstone (Sealed) $24

    28 Days Later FS 024543097709 Fox $10
    All About the Benjamins WS 794043546624 New Line $8
    Being John Malkovich WS 044005975727 USA $8 **TRADED
    Casablanca FS 027616626196 MGM $9 **TRADED
    Eye of the Beholder WS+FS 043396050525 Columbia $7
    Full Metal Jacket FS 085392115426 Warner $10
    Gone In 60 Seconds WS 717951008572 Touchstone $8 **TRADED
    Highlander WS 017153589528 Republic $7
    La Femme Nikita WS 013023000193 Trimark $8
    Lawnmower Man WS 794043409226 New Line $8
    Lost In Space WS 794043466724 New Line $8
    Mission: Impossible 2 WS 097363348740 Paramount $9
    O WS+FS 031398791126 Lions Gate $8
    October Sky WS+FS 025192055720 Universal $8 **TRADED
    Planet of the Apes (1968) WS 024543007913 Fox $8
    Planet of the Apes (2001) WS 024543031734 Fox $8
    The Siege WS 086162001307 Fox $8
    Singin' in the Rain FS 027616626295 MGM $9
    Somewhere In Time WS 025192029424 Universal $8 **TRADED
    Starship Troopers WS 043396717190 Tristar $8
    Straight to Hell WS 013131131499 Anchor Bay $8
    The X-Files Fight the Future WS 086162103940 Fox $8
    West Side Story WS 027616673329 MGM $8 **TRADED
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    some prices lowered, bump.

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