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FS, 2 dual cs431 headshells, 1 linn lp12 axis basik belt. (1 Viewer)

alan fallert

May 17, 2002
I bought a lot of headshells and cartidges off of ebay to get the ar-xa headshell that I needed, I dont need these other parts they are for sale. 2 Dual cs431 headshells they are in mint condition, I will take 8 bucks apiece for them and will ship them for the 8 bucks to anywear in the USA.I have also a belt that is for a linn LP12 axis basik turntable, it may be used I am not for sure, but it looks brand new, I will take 6 bucks for it and will ship it anywear in the USA for the 6 bucks. All items will cary 100 percent garantee, if they dont work, dont fit, you ship them back to me and I will refund your money. I really have no use for these items maybe somebody on this board can put them to good use.


May 22, 2009
Real Name
andre perras
I might be interested in at least one of the headshells...I was on the Dual reference site and was checking the similarity between the headshells used on the cs505-2 and the ones you have...they do look the same.
Are they made of the carbon fibre (black)? Also, the one I need is for the Dual straight arm (as opposed to an 'S' shape), with a threaded collar that screws onto the headshell, not the type that is held on by a screw.
I also have a Systemdek IIX with a belt that hasn't been replaced for at least 20 years and I've been thinking it might be an idea.
I know that Linn and my turntable have some things in common...do you know if the belt you have will fit my turntable?
I am just new here and can't send you a private message, or I would have done so.
If you are able to send to me, please do...if the parts you have are compatible with my equipment, I am sure we can work something out.
Thank you.

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