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Mar 25, 2003
Philadelphia suburbs
Real Name
Charles W. Yearsley Jr.
OK folks, here’s the deal: I have roughly 150 titles for sale – films and TV. Sorry, I’m not interested in trade. With a collection approaching 900 titles, I’m trying to clear up some storage space and acquire some extra income as well.

For those interested: A number of the titles listed below have been released multiple times on DVD. Most of those listed are in most cases NOT the newest editions out there

All DVDs are Region 1 with original case, packaging and inserts (if any). All have been opened but are in excellent condition unless noted otherwise [discs/packaging – appearance].

Sales are on a first come, first served basis. Please email any comments or questions as a post on this forum. Should the situation demand it in closing a sale, a prearranged discussion by phone is a viable option.

I have sold DVDs on eBay (Spring 2003) and though my total sales were under twenty, all my feedback was 100% positive! I’m offering these discs for sale on HTM as eBay’s greed forces one to sell titles ONE AT A TIME! Managing 150 separate sales and or auctions would be ludicrous. You can find me there as "chazcdc_54."

PayPal is preferred. Personal checks, money order or cashier’s checks are accepted. Shipment will not commence for orders paid by check or money order until processing is complete.

If you are going to use PayPal, please confirm intent to buy by sending me a PM or email with your full name and shipping address. I will then draw up and send a PayPal Invoice from which you can make payment. This will also act as your document of sale.

All shipping is by USPS Media Mail. All other modes are buyer’s discretion and financial responsibility. FREE shipping on (5) titles or more (Delivery Confirmation and Insurance included).

For shipments of less than (5) titles the cost is $1.50. Insurance and other services are extra.

Apologies to the international market: shipping to the continental US only.

Each title listed is $8.00 unless otherwise noted. Recently added titles are in Bold.

Bulk Sales Offer:

Buy 10 - $75 @ 7.50 ea.
Buy 20 - $140 @ 7.00 ea.
Buy 50 - $325 @ 6.50 ea.
Buy 100 - $600 @ 6.00 ea.
Buy all titles - @ 5.00 ea.

* If the customer has alternate bulk sales offers in mind, I’m open to discussion.


Title - (UPC)

The Alien Legacy (20th Anniv. Ed.)-1999$30.00(86162-10439)
-Alien (20th Anniv. Ed.)(86162-00075)
-Aliens (Special Ed.)(86162-10431)
-Alien 3(86162-10432)
-Alien Resurrection(86162-00076)
All About Eve(86162-12621)

The Beatles: The Long and Winding Road$15.00(25493-55202)
Behind the Planet of the Apes (Special Ed.)(14381-87632)
- 2nd disc condition: Very Good -
Bell, Book and Candle(43396-01329)
Best Seller(27616-87655)
The Bishop’s Wife (Vintage Classics)(27616-85891)
Black Hawk Down(43396-06766)
Blow Out(27616-85288)
The Blue Max(24543-07195)
Book of Days(36991-28139)
Breakheart Pass(27616-85554)
Burnt Offerings(27616-88851)
- Disc condition: Very Good -

Car Wash(25192-27472)
The Carpetbaggers(97360-63154)
Cherry Falls/Terror Tract (Double Feature)(96306-01852)
A Christmas Story (12569-50442)
City Slickers(27616-86095)
- Disc condition: Good -
Color of Night (Director’s Cut)(17951-00343)
Crocodile Dundee(97363-20294)
The Crucible(24543-10825)
Curse of the Demon/Night of the Demon(43396-07860)

Dances With Wolves(14381-47102)
The Day of the Locust(97360-86794)
Days of Wine and Roses(85393-09292)
Dead of Night/Queen Spades(Double Feature)(13131-23979)
- Dead of Night Disc Condition: Very Good -
The Dirty Dozen(27616-65632)
Donnie Brasco(43396-82519)
Dracula Has Risen From the Grave(85393-18392)
The Dunwich Horror(27616-86557)

The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain(17951-00328)
Escape From New York(27616-85477)
An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe / The Tomb of Ligeia (Double Feature)(27616-88902)
Experiment in Terror(43396-07864)

The Fog (Special Ed.)(27616-87812)
The Four Musketeers(20917-50302)
Fun With Dick and Jane(43396-10080)

Giant (2000 DVD Release)(85391-46332)
- Hub Condition: 3 teeth broke off, disc still holds firm -
Gray Lady Down (18713-81051)
The Great Escape(27616-66802)

Half Moon Street(27616-88659)
The Haunted Palace/Tower of London (Double Feature)(27616-88903)
He Walked by Night(27616-89955)
The Hoodlum Priest(27616-88016)
The House That Dripped Blood(31398-10222)

The Intruder (40th Anniv. Special Ed.)(36991-30519)

Jesus of Nazareth$10.00(12236-10166)
Julius Caesar(17153-14965)
The Jungle Book(86936-16279)

King Rat(43396-10055)
Knights of the Round Table(12569-52362)
Krull (Special Ed.)(43396-05890)

The Last Picture Show (Special Ed.)$10.00(43396-50429)
The Last Valley(27616-90582)

Masterworks of German Horror Cinema$15.00(90594-43762)
-Der Golem
-The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
- 2nd Disc Condition: Very Good. Packaging Condition: Multiple ripples in plastic -
The Mean Season(27616-86117)
The Mechanic(27616-88010)
The Missiles of October(30306-63242)
The Mothman Prophecies(43396-07808)
My Science Project(13131-08249)

National Lampoon’s Vacation(85391-13152)

Prince Valiant(24543-11145)

The Right Stuff(85392-00272)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves(85391-40002)
-Robocop 2(14381-40722)
-Robocop 3(14381-40732)
The Running Man (Special Ed.)$12.00(17153-14454)
The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming (27616-88018)

The Sentinel(18713-81044)
The Snake Pit(24543-11982)
Solar Crisis(31398-70543)
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (43396-06539)

Taste the Blood of Dracula(85393-18502)
The Ten Commandments(97361-55087)
The Three Musketeers(20917-50292)
Topper/Topper Returns (Double Feature)(07729-13828)
The Trouble With Harry(25192-06702)

Vanishing Point(24543-11040)

War Hunt(27616-88579)
The Watcher in the Woods$12.00(13131-08329)
The Wizard of Oz (1997 DVD Release)(27616-60449)


All in the Family: The Complete First Season$15.00(43396-08207)
All in the Family: The Complete Second Season15.00(43396-00405)

Babylon 5: The Gathering/In the Beginning(85392-11892)
Battlestar Galactica (Original Pilot - 1999 DVD release)(25192-05702)
The Best of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In(03497-01222)
The Best of the Uncle Floyd Show(16351-04169)

The Death of the Incredible Hulk(24543-07758)

Green Acres: The Complete First Season$15.00(27616-89800)
- 1st & 2nd Discs Condition: Very Good -

The Incredible Hulk Returns/The Trial of the Incredible Hulk(13131-24329)

The Jack Paar Collection$12.00(26663-47669)
- 1st & 2nd Discs Condition: Very Good -

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Coll.: Vol. 2$20.00(03497-01052)
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Coll.: Vol. 3$20.00(03497-01062)

Naked City: Button in a Haystack(14381-18582)

One Step Beyond (2000 Triton DVD Release)(17078-91032)
One Step Beyond (2003 VCI DVD Release)(89859-83552)

The Persuaders: Collection 1$20.00(33961-71006)

Red Dwarf: Series 1$12.00(94051-15872)
- 1st Disc Condition: Very Good -
Red Dwarf: Series 2$12.00(94051-16162)
- 1st Disc Condition: Very Good -

Saturday Night Live – 25 Years of Laughs (57373-14579)

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me(94043-50812)

UFO: Set 1$20.00(33961-70495)


Mar 25, 2003
Philadelphia suburbs
Real Name
Charles W. Yearsley Jr.
Hi Mike,

I'm new to this forum and some of the acronyms are unknown to me. "PM"? I presume you mean "posted message." In that case you're correct, please do post on this forum. If you don't wish to go public, contact by email as you did.

I received your email. As I stated in the ad, all titles are $8.00, unless otherwise marked in bold. If you're interested in the bulk sales offers, individual prices of course don't apply. From what you asked, here is how it breaks down now:

"Cobb" - 8.00
"The Best of Ernie Kovacs" - 8.00

Shipping: Media Mail: 1.50
Delivery Confirmation & Insurance: 1.85

Total: 19.35

* If you wish to exclude Del. Conf. & Ins. that would be 17.50 though I would advise against it.

Let me know what you think.

Patrick Sun

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1999
PM = Private Message (within the HTF software).

If members send you a PM, you can use the "forum jump" menu to get to your PMs.

Mike Frezon

Senior HTF Member
Oct 9, 2001
Rexford, NY
Hi Charles!

Yup! As Patrick points out, PM is private message and LMK is short-hand for "let me know".

Now, to be fair to you, you originally posted a price of $12 for the Kovacs set. If you want to adjust the price upwards, please LMK the total AND also LMK what your PayPal ID is so I can send along the appropriate $$$.

I will go with the full postage as you suggest.



Mar 25, 2003
Philadelphia suburbs
Real Name
Charles W. Yearsley Jr.
I got the PM, Mike. Thanks. Message to the all you buyers out there. I've closed a few sales to date but there are still plenty of titles here for sale.

I'm contemplating including my complete collection of original Twilight Zone dvds from Image/Panasonic & Image/CBS Fox Video with the pending release of the seasonal sets.

This goes as well for my set of volumes 1-22 of Star Trek: The Original Series from Paramount as those also are arriving in seasonal sets at present.

Let me know of any interest out there.



Mar 25, 2003
Philadelphia suburbs
Real Name
Charles W. Yearsley Jr.
Attention all shoppers!

I'm not sure if any of you check further down in the listings for sales that have not been "bumped up" with new postings. They just languish "down there."

This is just to let you know there are still many available titles FS here on my thread! I'm contemplating putting all of these titles on eBay in auction groups of (10)sales each over the next few months or so starting in a week or two.

First dibs still go to the HTF audience.


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