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    As the subject states, here is 1/3 of my collection. All discs are mint unless otherwise noted. All discs are in their OAR (original aspect ratio) unless otherwise noted. I am only looking for paypal at this time (non credit card only).

    I do ask that if you are interested in several titles, the more you purchase, the better deal you get on shipping. I am asking that titles priced under $10 (after shipping) be accompanied with another disc to save me on shipping and packaging. See dvds with an *. The prices are low enough, so I am sure deals can be found.

    Shipping is as follows (includes DC):

    1 DVD - $1.55
    2-4 DVDS - $2.25
    Boxsets - $3.85
    5 or More - Free shipping

    In regards to fellow Canadian traders, I have no problems selling to Canadians. I do ask that an extra $1 be added to shipping.

    Finally, please feel free to make reasonable offers. I have no problems trying to make deals.

    Okay, now without further ado:

    101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure $7*
    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane $6 *
    Any Given Sunday: Director's Cut: Oliver Stone Collection $7*
    Bicentennial Man $7*
    Blade II: Platinum Series $10
    Bulletproof Monk: DTS (2 Disc) R3 NTSC $7*
    The Rage: Carrie 2 $7*
    Changing Lanes $6 *
    The Crush $4 *
    Daredevil: WS Special Edition (2 Disc) $10
    The Dark Crystal: Superbit $16
    Dawg $5*
    Desperado: Superbit $15
    Dirty Dancing: 15th Anniversary Edition DTS R4 $8*
    Dungeons & Dragons: New Line Platinum Series $7*
    Enemy Of The State R2 PAL $10 (R1 is not anamorphic, this one is)
    First Knight $7*
    Gone In 60 Seconds $8*
    Happy Gilmore R4 PAL $9
    Hard Rain: DTS R2 Japan $24
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame II $7 *
    I Know What You Did Last Summer $7 *
    The Insider $9
    The Island of Dr. Moreau: Director's Cut $7 *
    Joy Ride: Special Edition $7*

    Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Premium Box: Limited Edition OOP R2 Japan $85
    • Uncut Version in Full Color & Extended Scenes
    • [email protected] Still Sealed
    • T-shirt Still Sealed
    • Sword Still Sealed

    Labyrinth: Superbit $16
    Lawrence of Arabia: Superbit $16
    Legends Of The Fall: Superbit $16
    Lipstick $8*
    A Little Princess $7 *
    The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Special Edition $11
    The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: Widescreen $11
    The Mask of Zorro: Superbit Deluxe $15
    The Matrix Reloaded $10
    Meet Joe Black: Ultimate Edition OOP (Sealed) $50
    The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc $8 *
    Michael Jordan to the Max $4 *
    The Miracle of the Cards (FF - Original OAR) $6 *
    Misery SE R4 NTSC Brazil $11 (R1 is not anamorphic nor does it have any special features, this one does)
    Moulin Rouge (2 Disc) OOP (Discs are perfect, box isn't) $11
    The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (Sealed) $8 *
    Patch Adams: DTS $8*
    Peter Pan: Return to Never Land OOP $11
    The Pick-up Artist $4*
    Pitch Black: Unrated Director's Cut OOP $12
    Punch-Drunk Love: Superbit Deluxe $10 (broken spindle on disc 2 side)
    Python $4 *
    Rats $5 *
    Resident Evil: Superbit $16
    The Running Man: Special Edition $9
    Save the Last Dance $7 (Minor SS)
    Se7en: Platinum Series $16
    Silver Bullet $8*
    Soapdish R3 NTSC $6 *
    Soul Survivors: The Killer Cut $5 *
    The Sound Of Music: Special Edition (2 Disc) R4 PAL $12
    Sphere: Special Edition $7*
    Spy Game: DTS R3 NTSC $6 *
    Stir of Echoes $6 *
    Surviving the Game $4 *
    Taxi 2: DTS R3 NTSC $9
    Teaching Mrs. Tingle $7 *
    A Very Brady Sequel $7*
    Waterproof (Letterbox) $6 *
    X-Men 1.5: Widescreen Edition $10
    Zoolander: Collector's Edition $8 *
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    Joshua Bal

    Interested in Legends of the Fall: SB amd Mask of Zorro: SB. Would you be interested in a trade? If no, we can work some other deal. Here is my list. You can also check my collection list too. Email me and LMK.

    For Trade:

    Bram Stoker's Dracula
    JFK: 2-Disc SE (Snapper)
    Panic Room: Superbit
    Underworld: WS
    Vertical Limit: SE
    Wild Things
  3. Bill Geiger

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  4. Bill Geiger

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    Feb 8, 2002
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    hello Mr UP!

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