Frustrated and Old setting up my Home Theater

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by James_Tulsa, Jun 23, 2005.

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    I moved from Dallas to Tulsa recently and moved my home theater and set it up myself. I had it working fine then got the cable company vcr feature.

    To wire this I ran the coax cable to the cable company dvr box. Then ran the the two audio and one video output from the cable box to the input on my Yamaha htr-5280 a/v receiver and from the receiver ran the three (2 audio/one video) to the television.

    That worked great except I also have an Emerson combo vcr/dvr (i know cheap stuff gift from grandchildren). It used to work fine. I would select the input as vcr 1 on the Yamaha a/v receiver and play away. Now i get nothing but a loud humming noise and no picture at all. I also tried using the video out connectors on the Emerson's front to the video3 input on the front of the Hitachi television (I did not disconnect the wiring from the Yamaha - it is a hassle for an old man). Still nothing worked. Even got the hum sound on the television video 3 input. All the other inputs like cassette tape, turntable etc. work fine (like I am said old).

    I am trying to figure a way to trouble shoot this. Do i need to buy a cheap vcr and see if it works (maybe the Emerson died). I did have a hell of a time finding out how to get the a/v unit to feed the televison not using coax cable (different places on back to output sound and video). Any suggestions would be helpful .. i am baffled. Once i get this worked out I am going to treat myslef to some awesome speakers (old men like it loud too).

    Oh I lost the manual to the htr-52800 Yamaha (maybe she took that in the divorce too) .. they were great at getting me a replacement.

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    Throw it all in the trash and go 2 channel, man.


    I dunno - try stripping it all back down and rebuild. I am not sure why you'd feed audio red white to the TV from the AVR, though. With me, all audio ends at the receiver. Video is the only thing that sends to the TV. Perhaps you are doubling something by adding an extra send...?
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    Hi James,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    Hopefully we can get you fixed up here, but first it looks like there is some misunderstanding on how some of these connections work:

    What I like to stress to “newbies” is “keep it simple.” Remove the coaxial cable between the DVR and the TV – it serves no good purpose and only complicates things. The simplest thing is to run all audio and video signals to the receiver, and a single video feed to the TV, and keep the TV on “Video” all the time. This way a single selection from the receiver’s remote gets you both sound and picture.

    So, your DVR connections should look like this:
    • Coaxial cable from wall to DVR. Use a good-quality RG-6 cable with screw-on connections.
    • Audio and video cables (RCA) from DVR to the “Cable/Sat” or “D-TV/LD” input on the Yamaha.
    • If the DVR has a digital output, run a separate appropriate digital cable – optical or coaxial - from it to the Yamaha.
    • Run a video cable from the Yamaha’s “Monitor Out” connection to the TV’s “Video” input.

    The thing to look out for is mixing video protocols – component, s-video and composite. Basically, you can only use the one that is present on all your components. In your case that’s composite (the yellow RCA jack) or s-video. In other words, all video connections between the components and the Yamaha, and the connection between the Yamaha and the TV, must be S-video. Or composite.

    The combo unit is a bit trickier. It’s two components in one box, but typically they share a single set of outputs. The VCR isn’t the best input to use, since when you play a DVD you won’t get Dolby Digital. Use the DVD input instead.

    Your combo connections should look like this: :
    • Audio and video cables from combo unit to the “DVD” input on the Yamaha.
    • Optical cable from it to the Yamaha.
    The Yamaha should default to the proper audio signal – analog for VCR and Dolby Digital for DVD – depending on which you are using.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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