Front Projectors vs Sony's KF50WE610 - Trying To Decide

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Brent Avery, Nov 8, 2003.

  1. Brent Avery

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    If any of you would like to give some insight into my indecision on which direction to take it would be very much appreciated - I have yet to view three FP units that I have in mind - assuming a local retailer sells them. They are: Sanyo Z2, Sony VPL HS20,& Panasonic PT 300U

    I know there are other contenders but I am just getting familiar with front projectors - and judging from what I have heard there is a very good chance I will go that route. Viewing room dimensions are 11 x 22 and distance from screen will be 8 - 13 ft. ( approx. ) looking at a screen size of around 100". I would like to finally leave my 27" Mitsubishi - the HF bug has bitten me!
  2. ChadLB

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    May 5, 2002
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    Well I just bought the Sanyou Z1 because of the great price. The 3 FP's you are looking at are great. Really no news yet on the Z2 but if it is like the Z1 it is a great product. I can't beleive the picture you can get for the price of the thing. To think 4 months ago I was looking at a Pioneer 53" for $2,000 and I only spent $1,125 on the Z1 and I get twice the picture size. If you can hold off a little bit I know projectorcentral is going to be reviewing the Z2. I don't know much about the Sony but the Sanyo is going to be a great item for the price.
  3. Neil Joseph

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    Neil Joseph
    The predecessot to the HS20 (Sony HS10) put out a lot of picture for the price and with the improvements made, I would give it serious consideration as it has the resolution, contrast ratio and micro lens array to ensure a great picture.

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