Front Projector distance from screen?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Tom Kay, Nov 17, 2003.

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    Hello all

    I am wiring my basement HT right now, and have the luxury at this point of adding any "future" runs of wire/cable that I can see fit to add.

    I have little intention of ever buying a front projector, but who knows, that opinion might change. So, my room is 24 by 14, and if I were to hang the FP, I'd do it in front of a heating duct which is about half way, roughly 12 feet from the screen. Is this enough distance? I know nothing about FP, so would it work? Can FP's be focused for various distances from the screen?

    On a related but slightly expanded theme, I am also trying to predict what cable runs I will need for virtually everything else, so if you have any ideas, such as satellite cable (right now I use cable TV) please let me hear your opinion. With satellite for example, I plan to add an empty PVC conduit in my wall, so that I can pull the satellite cable through wto my AVR stack, without having to chop into the wall.

    I intend to plan for 7.1, plus a few different possible locations of the subwoofer, or multiple subwoofers.

    I hope to use my head, and NOT have to open up my drywall ceiling in the future. That's why I'nm going through this process now.

    Again, any future thoughts? Thanks everyone. Tom.
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    Yes, You would use a short throw projector like say the Sanyo Z1/Z2, Panny 300/500. Mine is about that distance and I have a 92" wide screen ...didn't want it any bigger than that.

    Wire runs...exactly like you said. Make sure you have it setup for 7.1 and make sure you can have wire run for the sub into different areas....subs are about placement.
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    Neil Joseph
    To give you an idea, my projector will throw a 100" image from 12' away rougly at the middle of its zooming range. As far as cables, this can depend also on how much you want to spend but....

    - DVI cable
    - mini bnc (contains R, G, B, H & V cables for HDef)
    * Alternate to mini bnc is 5 composite cables or component cables plus 2 composite cables
    - composite cable for your vcr
    - s-video cable
    - 12V trigger (if you ever decide to get a motorized screen)

    The conduit is a good idea, make sure to get a large enough one and run string at the same time as you run the cables. This is what I did in my own setup.

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