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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Shawn_MM, Sep 18, 2003.

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    Hey, Im going to be working on my HT room starting in late Oct. and was wondering about cable length for a front projector. My main system will be at the front of the room under the screen, reasons dealing with my other cables (kimber kable in a bi-wire setup on the three front speakers).
    Q - How long can you run a component cable before getting some signal loss (if any???). The projected length should be 20 feet. Any opinions??
    Q - What cable would you use??
    Q - Should I mount the FP on the ceiling of put it on a stand bet. the chairs (would have a shorter cable run)

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    Neil Joseph
    Component can run very long. My current setup is 33ft for component and s-video. How are you planning to run the video cabling, behind the walls? I pre-wired my room when the house was being built so I used PVC conduit and ran all my cabling through that.

    There are various cables you can use. Mini BNC is a good choice to the more expensive component cabling (it contains 5 cables within the bundle... R, G, B, H and V)

    I prefer a ceiling mounted projector and chose to go that route because I have 3 boys that have damaged the other 2 traditional TV's that I have. (They are much better now, the boys I mean) [​IMG]
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    Get the 25' AR Pro II from partsexpress(dot)com for $80.

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