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Sep 21, 2018
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greetings everyone,
Since the age of ten i have been tinkering with all things audio,.. mostly car for the latter half of my years up to the point that have been moderating a car audio forum for the past three and a half. In fact, A few months ago, i moved on to becoming co-owner of a private car audio site based on an honest userbase due to the high rate of scamming among the younger, more reckless car audio crowd.
lately i have found myself sitting in front of my flat screen wondering when ill have the time or money to do something to make my movies and music much more enjoyable at home.
recently, i had been fortunate enough to source from craigslist and purchase an abandoned audio (car/pro/h/t wholesale, buildhouse, consulting, recone/repair/service) business that was left to make up for lost rent where it was located. suffice to say, it was the best decision i had made considering the amount of inventory liquidated would make an audiophile have a seizure. come to find out, the old owner was offered an exorbitant salary to go work for electrovoice after fixing an issue they were trying to work out for months,.. but that's a whole other story.
anyways, my plan is this,.. ill most likely post a bit of h/t gear here and a couple more sites as i am just trying to sell stuff and make my investment back while trying to get my own home theater built using alot of drivers and a transducer or two, but i have alot of it, and need to do something with it all.
i am in no way trying to advertise anything as im not prepared to take that step,..but after that, i may apply as a vendor if i can get my ducks all in a row.
hope to learn a bit here,.. my basement is screaming for a few transmission lines

Sam Posten

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Oct 30, 1997
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Sam Posten
Awesome Kristen. Good luck getting everything sorted. As you have surmised our buy/sell forums probably arent the right place to get rid of NOS (new old stock) items, but I'm sure there may be folks here interested once you start up sales. You will want to contact [email protected] if you do decide to become a advertiser here! What state is your warehouse, assuming US, is that in Illinois too?

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