From Disney- Raven and The Proud Family Movie in December

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    Jul 6, 2005
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    Any Disney Channel fans will be happy to know that a new DVD of the popular Disney Channel Original Series 'That's So Raven' will be released on December the 6th, called 'Raven's House Party'.
    Also, the new Disney Channel Original Movie 'The Proud Family Movie' will be released to DVD on exactly the same day- Decmber the 6th.
    No word on what episodes will be included with Raven, or if any extras will be included with either, but this fantastic website will tell you as soon as they find out- . They also include the cover art for both titles, which can be viewed via the Upcoming Cover Art link on the site.
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    That's So Raven? [​IMG]

    Disney should be ashamed of themselves for releasing single DVD releases of their television shows. What's wrong with that is that they don't seem to believe in season boxed sets until after they've soaked fans ...

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