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Fritz Lang's "M" 2 disc special edition (1 Viewer)

Jay E

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May 30, 2000

One of the most legendary and influential films ever made (and the first ever serial killer on the screen), M is coming to DVD in what looks like the definitive edition.

On September 23rd, Eureka will issue a 2-disc set of Fritz Lang's masterpiece, featuring the following special features:

Exclusive, new digital transfer of the mint condition, 35mm restoration fine grain archival print, directly struck of the restoration negative - made on a High Definition Philips Spirit Datacine

Restored sound transferred from 24-bit digital elements

Screen-specific audio commentary by Martin Koerber, Heike Klapdor-Koppa and transfer supervisor Torsten Kaiser, of The Laser Examiner

35-minute interview with Fritz Lang (1964), transferred directly from camera negative & 24-bit digital elements. - made on a High Definition Philips Spirit Datacine

50 minute documentary "The Hunt For M" detailing the background of the story based on actual files of the child murderer Peter Kurten; its impact on the German society as well as detailed insight into the restoration and the new transfer; with interviews with leading serial killer criminologist Stephan Harbort, analyst Heike Klapdor-Koppa, film distributor Hans Eckelkamp and film restoration supervisor Martin Koerber

20-minute essay by historian R. Dixon Smith on the impact of "M" on the audiences at the time and film history.

Comparison between new restoration & previous ones.

Comparison between original version & post-war release.

Extensive still files, set designs and more.

No price as of yet, but it appears whatever the cost it'll be worth every penny! Further details and cover art on Eureka's own site.

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