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Jan 1, 2001
Ross and Rachel go to buy baby stuff, one week before Rachel is due. at the place, Ross and the sales girl hit it off and she flirts with him, much to Rachel's envious disgust. the girl calls Ross "Indiana Jones" because he's a paleontologist who (looks like he) works out.

Monica gets a really bad review in the newspaper for her restaurant (she's the head chef). she cooks another bouyabaise (sp?) at home and is determined to bring it to the critic. the critic teached a cooking class at a night school. she brings it to the class (with Joey); the critic tastes it and still hates it. just as the critic walks out, another class starts with another teacher. somehow Monica and Joey attend the class; Monica tells the teacher she's never cooked before and enjoys all the accolades she gets for her dishes.

Chandler is getting ready for an interview and Phoebe tells him he never makes a good impression because he's too jokey. Chandler gets nervous and gets Phoebe to train him to be more serious. they do a mock interview; Phoebe greets him and says "Bing? what an unusual name" Chandler replies "you should meet my uncle Bada!" and realizes he has alot to learn.

after all the baby stuff is delivered to Ross' place, the sales girl delivers one 'forgotten' item personally but tells Ross she did it to ask him out. they go for coffee and Rachel's pissed. when he comes back she tells Ross she doesn't want him to date; not because she wants to date him herself, but only because she doesn't want him to date ~anybody~, that she wants him to wait on her hand and foot and that she realizes that's an unreaonable request. Ross says okay anyways.

Phoebe and Chandler work on his interview skills, and Chander even resists the urge to joke when Phoebe asks "instead of telling me what you don't do, tell me what you do do". so he feels ready and goes off to the interview. at the interview, Chandler does great and even resists the urge to joke when the interviewer continuously talks about Chandler's "duties". as the interview ends, the guy (who's very serious) says Chandler's pretty much assured of the job. as they walk out of the office, Chandler just jokingly comments how he was so nervous and releaved he never joked. then he talks about how he resisted "duty" jokes. the guy doesn't understand and Chandler blows it by trying to explain the joke: "you know... duty! ... poo!!!" realizing he's blown it, he leaves.

Monica and Joey get revealed as fake students (after Joey makes cookies better then Monica) and the teacher tells Monica how much she loves the restaurant that Monica works in; when the teacher asks them if they've paid for the class they leave.


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Jul 7, 2000
Rachel(Jennifer Anniston) got the best lines in this episode...
"Chandler, I'm not going to lie to but I am going to runaway from you."
And then there was the bit she had with an accidental outburst. This one had me laughing pretty good.

Rachel gets upset that the store clerk comes over to Ross' apartment under a rouse just to ask him out. Rachel blurts out "Horny bitch" while holding two stuffed animals. Ross and the clerk look at Rachel. She then takes the stuffed animals and goes...
"You are a horny bitch."
"No, you're a horny bitch."

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