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Aug 2, 2011
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Todd Doc Sigmier
When I got my first VCR, I was taping night and day: movies (and sitting there to edit out commercials with a wired pause remote), episodes of TV series I loved like The Andy Griffith Show and The Adventures of Superman, and all kinds of specials.

Tapes were expensive if you bought them separately ($15 a pop as I recall), so I bought them by the carton - 12 tapes for $9.99 each was the first box I bought, Prices began to go down over the first year, and by the time blank tapes could be found in drug stores, I didn't have to buy by the box any more. Yes, I taped on the slowest speed to start with to get the most use out of the few tapes I had, but as tape got cheaper, I could splurge and tape prized movies in SP.
I feel you, Bro!!!


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Apr 16, 2021
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Michael Kochman


Mar 28, 2012
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Like Matt Hough, I too bought VHS tapes and taped many television shows and movies. I also remember eventually dumping them into large trash bags and throwing them into the recycling trash container when I replaced them all with DVDs. And then Blu-Rays. And then 4Ks. And then . . . . .

Nelson Au

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Mar 16, 1999
I’ve never seen this film. I only heard about it a few years ago when I learned that several tracks from the soundtrack score of this film by Jerry Goldsmith was used in Alien! I was collecting the tracks needed to reconstruct the Alien soundtrack.

I might consider doing a blind buy here.


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Sep 8, 2009
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I too heard about this film long ago because of the complicated story about how small parts of Goldsmith's score for this ended up in Alien. Anyway, based on the review here I did a blind buy. It's somber but interesting. The parts on hypnosis I had trouble with, because in this movie I feel there's an unrealistic portrayal of hypnosis, which is also found in almost all Hollywood movies and tv shows. But the rest of the movie I thought was illuminating. The main patient in the movie is fictional, but she's based in small part on this real-life person who has an inspiring real-life story.

This movie has a haunting performance by Montgomery Clift. As probably everyone here knows he suffered greatly in life, and that I think that infuses elements of his performance.

As a side note, one of my favorite songs by REM is a poignant tune with poignant lyrics that was in part inspired by Montgomery Clift. It's called "Monty Got a Raw Deal," and was recorded in 1992.

"Monty Got a Raw Deal by REM

Monty this seems strange to me
The movies had that movie thing
But nonsense has a welcome ring
And heroes don't come easily
Now nonsense isn't new to me
I know my head, I know my feet
But mischief knocked me in the knees
So just let go
Just let go
I saw the ocean meet the man
I saw you buried in the sand
A friend was there to hold your hand
Said walk on by
So I went walking through the street
I saw you strung up in a tree
A woman knelt there said to me
Said hold your tongue
Hold your tongue
You don't owe me anything
You don't want this sympathy (Waste your breath)
Don't you waste your breath (Waste your breath)
For the silver screen
That nonsense doesn't mean a thing
They tried to bust you in a sting
But virtue isn't everything
So don't waste time
Now here's a rhyme that you can steal
Put this on your reel to reel
Mischief threw a rotten deal
Monty's laying low
He is laying low
Just let go...."
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