Frequency response and speakers?

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    What am I looking for when it comes to frequency response? I see speakers rated 65Hz – 20kHz, or 100Hz to 24kHz. Subs rated from 30 Hz -150Hz or 30Hz-200Hz. 6 Ohm vs. 8 Ohm From what I think I understand, driver size doesn’t always equate to frequency response, is that correct? The same can be said for 2-way vs. 3-way speakers. I thought you might get a better frequency response from 3-way’s over 2-ways, but that may not always be true.

    What does it all mean, what should I look for? Thanks
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    A 3-way is not necessarily better than a 2-way in any manner (but may have a better off-axis response depending on design). Be especially weary of low-cost 3-way or very large speakers.

    Usually you'll see a rating like: 37-20,000Hz +/- 3dB.

    The first number is the lower extension (depth of bass). If you're setting your speakers to small and using a sub, you may want to save money and not bother buying a full range (capable of deep bass) speaker... something with a low end between 50-80Hz should do fine for a 'small' speaker. If you want to run full range or stereo only, look at those large towers reaching to the 20-35Hz range.

    The upper end is the treble extension. I'd think anything over about 18kHz is fine since not many of us can hear that high.

    The tolerance is important since the goal is to have a flat frequency response, and the larger the tolerance the more the speaker deviates from a flat response. 3dB is the usual tolerance but some higher end systems are rated +/- 2 or even 1 dB. If you don't see a tolerance listed, look out.

    As for subs, be careful to either research a model carefully, or try it out in your own room. The biggest factor in the performance of a sub is your room. Most good home theater subs should be rated to between 16 and 25 Hz, but some tend to fall apart at higher output levels. These specification's dont usually tell you much.

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