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    Hello All,

    A friend of mine owns a sony v555es receiver. There are frequency adjustments for all speaker channels:

    BASS 99Hz to 1.0 khz in 21 steps

    MIDS 198Hz to 10.o khz in 37 steps

    TREBLE 1.0khz to 10.0 khz in 21 steps

    I`m not sure how these parameters are to be adjusted for the best possible sound out of a given set of speakers, since each brand has it`s own signature sound. Are these adjustments useful? Any input would be greatly appreciated,Thanks in advance.
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    I believe those are the "corner frequencies", which means, if "bass" is set to 99Hz, that and everything below are boosted or cut depending on the db level you choose.

    For the midrange setting, it creates a peak or a dip in the frequency curve.

    I had a Sony with this feature. Never used it. Better off flat, and buy speakers that sound the way you like naturally. Powered sub's settings for bass tweakage, not the tone controls.

    If you do use them, go with 1 db steps for a period of time and let the listener's ears adjust, rather than +10 right off the bat.

    Just a suggestion, though. Have fun.

    - ME

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