Free High Definition Short: Elephants Dream

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Andrew Chong, Jun 13, 2006.

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    Free High Definition Short: Elephants Dream
    It's been almost a month since its online release and downloads have cooled off comparatively speaking so now's a good time to share this with the Home Theater Forum community.

    You’ve heard of open source software such as Firefox, GIMP, etc.? Here’s something revolutionary, an open movie.

    From the Elephants Dream Web site: "Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender, and with all production files freely available to use however you please, under a Creative Commons license.

    "The short film was created by the Orange Open Movie Project studio in Amsterdam during 2005/2006, bringing together a diverse team of artists and developers from all over the world."

    The results of this laudable concept are incredible! It’s a fascinating short with beautiful visuals, audio, and excellent animation which tell a mysterious little story. Not only have the Orange Open Movie Project graciously made available a freely downloadable sparkling high-definition 1920 pixel version and many other (smaller) formats, they've made available for download: the soundtrack, DVD Images (so that you can legally burn a DVD) of the movie, makings of's, voice actor recordings, and commentary (all in PAL at this time). Not only that, but they've freely provided all files used in the making of the short all available on the download page.

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    this is true 1080p content. i've got this somewhere tucked away in my hard drive.

    haven't had time yet, but from what i've heard, the script/story/dialogue suffers... as all these types of productions inevitably do suffer.

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