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    Finally making the move from apt life to a duplex fully equipped with a basement which has everything necessary for putting together a small HT. Finally noise levels and space sharing issues are a thing of the past. I'd like to throw a couple of questions out to those of you have put together their rooms more or less from scratch. I don't have actual dimentions as of yet, but the basement is unfinished so we're talking about a lot of bare concrete and some newly built walls made from 2x4's (currently without drywall). I may be staying for awhile and would be interested in possibly finishing the portion of the basement which the HT will reside in, I'd be particularly interested in what materials are recommended and what their soundproofing/acoustic effects would be. Any comments of ceiling/wall/floor coverings would be very much appreciated, as would any recommendations for my first DVD to pop in now that I can finally open my system up without getting evicted.
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    What are the room dimensions? L, W, & H.
    It'll help in determining whether or not room within a room approach might work.
    A lot of people are using TheaterShield for acoustic adjustments after the drywall is up (may need double layered, staggered seam drywall) an acoustically transparent Guilford of Maine fabric (pick your color) is stretched over a frame containing this TheaterShield and other types of acoustic material inside.
    Just a few ideas.
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