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Discussion in 'Music' started by Craig Morris, Oct 19, 2005.

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    OK, I'm a bit annoyed by two things... my own stupidity, and misleading labelling. I bought the dualdisc version of FF's new album, because the back said "DVD Side: Entire album in Enhanced Stereo". Now, on the few other Dualdiscs I own, this means DVD-A. If I had looked more closely however, I would have noticed that it is a Sony BMG title... and I know Sony doesn't do DVD-A. So here's my question, how do they get away with advertising "enhanced stereo" when it's just plain ol' 16-bit?
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    Because it's 16/48 vs. 16/44.1. Due to the fact that the so-called CD layer is not CD compliant, and depending on the sampling frequencies used in the recording process and playback chain, it would not surprise me to find that someone listening to a regular CD vs. a DualDisc on a good audio system (set-up for audio vs. HT) might hear differences. I've read posts with people claiming differences but have no 1st hand knowledge since I won't buy DualDiscs.

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