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Jun 22, 2001
"The Wonder Years" had a short, 6-episode first season (season two consisted of 17 episodes). Now both "Quantum Leap" and "Northern Exposure" had short first seasons. They were priced high, and both sold well-beyond Universal's expectations. There's also Shout Factory's highly-acclaimed release of "Freaks and Geeks". Univeral's "Miami Vice" has also been successful in this regard. Now, speaking for myself, I'm willing to pay top dollar for a six-episode, first season of "The Wonder Years" with all of the original music intact (a feat which may just be impossible, but worth the risk on Fox's part). This is a highly-acclaimed (and well-beloved) sitcom which I know you know. The original music was essential for this time period, the sitcom was trying to convey. "The Wonder Years" is currently 5,384 votes (and #1) at TVShowOnDVD.com and continues to climb. So I, hopefully others will follow and post on this thread their feelings about giving this series at least a "test run" on DVD with the original music. I implore you, Fox, take a risk. Please clear the first season (and with unedited episodes, of course) of "The Wonder Years". All I can do is guaranteed that the fans will be in line to support this. It is crucial that "The Wonder Years" keeps its original music, no matter what it takes. Thanks.


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Apr 19, 1999
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The brevity of its first season just might be a blessing for The Wonder Years. With that much less music to clear for a proper, unedited release, I hope that Fox will take a chance on it. I suspect that it will be popular enough to warant the expense for future releases.

I liked Shout Factory's idea of doing a big, expensive "collector's edition" of Freaks and Geeks to help offset the cost of music licensing. I would definitely pay a premium for an analagous Wonder Years release and suspect others would as well.

Pretty please?

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