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Fox - Some comments about "NYPD Blue - Volume 01" (1 Viewer)


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Oct 3, 2000
I'm very grateful to have the first season of NYPD Blue on DVD, and look forward to subsequent releases.

However, there are couple of things I hope can be changed for the next volume.

On the main menu, moving the selection from one episode to another is accompanied by a brief transitional animation. Please don't do this! By all means play a little animation as the menu initially loads, but after that navigating from one option to another should be a lot easier and quicker than it is currently.

I appreciate the option to see the "Previously on..." segments, but could they lead straight into the episode, rather than return the user to the main menu? Alternatively, perhaps the option to play them separately could be dropped, and a chapter marker could be inserted so that they could simply be skipped over if the user doesn't want to watch them. The pregnant pause between the "Previously on.." segment and the beginning of the episode is one of my favourite moments when I'm watching an episode!

If an episode has a commentary track, could this be shown in the episode's main menu. Viewers shouldn't have to go hunting in the "language selection" menu, or refer to the booklet, to find out if there's a commentary!

Thanks again for releasing NYPD Blue. Is there any chance of having deleted scenes on future releases?

Bruce Morrison

Supporting Actor
May 16, 2001
Yes, I agree about the menus. I found them very irritating, and I would also like to have the "Previously on NYPD Blue" segment provided as part of the episode instead of a separate menu choice.

I'm very happy with the set otherwise and I look forward to many more released seasons, but I hope Fox will reconsider their menu design.

Rob T

Aug 26, 2001
The menus did take a lot of time to navigate through. That's my only problem with it.

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