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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Vader, Sep 6, 2005.

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    I was at Walmart today, and ran across single disc versions of Speed ($7.50), Die Hard ($9.95), and Die Hard 2 ($9.95), all anamorphic with DTS sound. I have been looking to replace my non-anamorphic copies for some time, and grabbed them. After watching Speed, I got to wondering: Is this simply the first disc of the recent 5-star version? I had not heard of a remaster, and cannot imagine why they would invest the money since the 5-star version had a great transfer to begin with (based on the reviews I have read). I have not watched either Die Hard, but the same query goes there as well. I did notice that, while Die Hard (and it's 5-star counterpart) are both THX certified, only the 2-disc version of Die Hard 2 is (the single disc release I got is not, or at least it doesn't say if it is). Are these pressed from the same masters as the double disc versions? Thanx for any insight!
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    I can not answer your question as I do not have the single disc versions of those movies you mentioned, but I do have a very similar question regarding Fox single-disc releases to the double-disc versions.

    To everyone, same question that Derek asked except I want to know if there is any difference between "I, Robot," "Day After Tomorrow" & "Man On Fire" single-disc and the double-disc versions. Are the single-disc versions just disc 1 from the double-disc sets or are they different. If different, do the double-disc versions look any better than the single-disc versions?

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