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    Mar 23, 2000
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    Anyone buy the FOX Screen Tests DVD from Image Entertainment yet? What's on it, and how is the picture quality? Is it worth buying?
  2. Doug Bull

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    May 7, 2001
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    Doug Bull
    I saw "Hollywood Screentests take #2" on Cable a few weeks back and while I found it fascinating and containing a lot of rare items, I'm not sure if it holds up well for repeat viewing.
    A lot of the actors featured never made it, so have little value.
    The tests for "Hello Dolly" were the best and most valuable.
    The quality varied from very good to poor.
    There are a lot of Cinemascope tests included, so beware, as I am pretty sure this and ST #1 are not Anamorphic discs.
    Most of the content for these 2 discs can be found at
    Hollywood screentests #1 in the march list.
    Hollywood screentests #2 in the April list.
    Don't forget to look at the 2 Hidden Hollywood discs released at the same time.
    They contain priceless Fox outakes and in my opinion are far more valuable.

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