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Fox: Please release Alien 3 Directors Cut (1 Viewer)

Matt Butler

Jun 23, 2001
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Matt Butler
OK all, I usually dont start these things but I was wanting to take a poll to find out who wants this title. Maybe Fox will start working on this.
Whos with me?
PS Peter and Fox: I just wanted to say you guys rule! Thanks for all the great titles!!
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Rob Gillespie

Senior HTF Member
Aug 17, 1998
This came up a few weeks back, and the answer from Fox was pretty much "not possible".
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Will K

Feb 6, 2001
Even if it's not a "director's cut," the underrated Alien 3 at least deserves a SE, complete with deleted scenes. As many times as this has come up in the past, Fox should know there is a demand for it.
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Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
Being the fact that Fox is well aware of the demand for the release...and being the fact that it is the studios own tampering of the movie that had an effect on how the film was received, Fox should revisit the title. Even if it were a stand alone Special Edition, but with all the deleted scenes. Though it would be nice to have the film recut, I feel certain that they won't do that. But hey, why have it sit in their vaults either.

Jim C

Second Unit
Jul 7, 2001
Peter kindly answered this question during the last Talkback session. His responce was somthing along the lines of - I am aware of the deleted scenes/interest for this movie, but there are problems preventing a new DVD.
I can only assume that the bad feelings that existed during the making of the movie 10 years ago still exist today. If true, this is a real shame for all people wanting to get hold of this special edition DVD.
I'm still not giving up hope on this one. I think that one day it will see the light of day, as more and more people are starting to apreciate the dark, gritty and realistic vision that Alien 3 portrays. There is already a demand for this title, but that will increase as time goes on.
Agreed, a DVD that presented all the deleted scenes outside of the movie (like Big Trouble in Little China) would still be awesome. In fact, just base the extras for Alien 3 on those seen in Big Trouble and the result would be one fine special edition DVD.
Now, if only David Prior (who is currently working on The Panic Room DVD) can persuade Fincher to participate in an Alien 3 DVD.
Jim Carter

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