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Fox on the Run-the 70s Films That Got Away (1 Viewer)

Louis Letizia

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Oct 10, 2000
20th Century Fox has(had) licensing deals through Shout!, Criterion, Twilight Time and Kino Lorber as well as its own division. Yet, with the possible absorption of the company by the notoriously catalog shy Disney, these films listed would be the Fox and the Hound that will hide them in plain sight would be Disney
NOV (Never on Video in U.S.) NOB (Never on Blu in U.S.) VHS (only format in U.S.) Boldfaced (important films)

1970: The Girl Who Couldn't Say No (NOV)
Myra Breckinridge (NOB)
The Games (NOB)
Hello, Goodbye (NOV)
Move (NOV)
4 Clowns (NOV)
Cover Me Babe (NOV)
The Great White Hope (NOB)
Tribes (VHS)

1971 Little Murders (NOB)
Making It (NOV)
B.S. I Love You (NOV)
Celebration at Big Sur (NOV)
The Seven Minutes (NOV)
Marriage of a Young Stockbroker (VHS)
Journey to Midnight (NOV)
Paper Man (NOV)
Made For Each Other (NOB)

1972 Blindman (NOV)
Without Apparent Motive (NOV)
Culpepper Cattle Co. (NOB)
The Salzburg Connection (NOB)
Welcome Home, Soldier Boys (NOB)
The Darwin Adventure (NOV)
When the Legends Die (NOB)
And Hope to Die (VHS)

1973 The Gospel Road (NOB)
Ace Eli and Rodger Of The Skies (NOV)
The Last American Hero (NOB)
Kid Blue (NOB)
Hex (VHS)
Gordons War . NOB
The Paper Chase (NOB)
1974 Claudine (NOB)
Together Brothers (NOB)
Harry & Tonto (NOB)
11 Harrowhouse (NOB)
House on Skull Mountain (NOB)
The Crazy World Of Julius Vrooder (NOV)
99 AND 44/100% Dead (NOB)

1975 The Nickel Ride (NOB)
The Terrorists (NOB)
Capone (NOB)
W.W. and The Dixie Dancekings (NOV)
Lucky Lady (NOB)
Down the Ancient Staircase (NOV)
The Devil Is A Woman (NOV)

1976 Peeper (NOB)
Scent of a Woman (VHS)
The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox (NOB)
The Blue Bird (NOV)
The End of the Game (NOV)
Mother, Jugs & Speed (NOB)
Sky Riders (NOBNO (NOB)
Breaking Point (NOB)
Moving Violation (NOB)
High Velocity (VHS)
Alex and the Gypsy (NOB)
Sunday Woman (NOV)
Kenny & Co. (NOB)
All This and World War ll (NOV)

1977 Mr. Billion (NOB)
Raggedy Ann and Andy:A Musical Adventure (VHS)
Fire Sale (NOB)
Thunder and Lightning (NOB)
The Worlds Greatest Lover (NOB)

1978 An Unmarried Woman (NOB)
A Wedding (NOB)
The Black Pearl (NOV)

1979 Quintet (NOB)
A Perfect Couple (NOB)
Dreamer (VHS)
The Runner Stumbles (VHS)

Possibles: What Became of Jack & Jill? The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie, To Kill a Clown, The Heartbreak Kid, Sleuth (all belong in a drug hazed purgatory by Bristol Myer Squibb)
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May 9, 2013
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Trouble Man has been available from Kino for at least 2 years now. I do not think Scent of a Woman is with Fox any longer.

Louis Letizia

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Oct 10, 2000
A Wedding is rumored with Criterion.
A Wedding deserves the Criterion treatment. I also wouldnt mind an eclipse box set with Quintet, A Perfect Couple, HEALTH and A Wedding

Same for a Mazursky set with Harry & Tonto, An Unmarried Woman, Willie and Phil and since they also license from WB...Blume In Love-a perfect companion piece to An Unmarried Woman


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Feb 10, 2006
The Last Hard Men was released by Timeless Media (a Shout! subsidiary) in a blu-ray set with three other Fox westerns.

Gordon's War (1973) is an NOB Fox title not on your list.
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Apr 19, 2000
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Fox no longer owns Raggedy Ann and Andy; they only distributed it theatrically and on tape in the 1980s before they lost the rights. Wikipedia claims CBS owns it since Simon and Schuster now own the characters, which would give Paramount the video rights.

All This and World War II is another Music Rights Monster prisoner thanks to all those Beatles covers, and one Fox only distributed theatrically. It surprises me that many movies from the 1970s didn't get video releases when that's when home video became a thing in the first place. The David Puttnam-run company that made it also made the Jodie Foster/Scott Baio musical Bugsy Malone.
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The Drifter

Jan 29, 2019
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The '70's is my favorite decade for film, but I still haven't heard of many of the movies in the OP. Though, from what I can see all of these are great choices. Very obscure films that are either OOP on DVD, or have only been released to VHS - and thereby unseen by many for years. I have seen:

Mother Jugs & Speed - great comedy about ambulance drivers

Harry & Tonto

Welcome Home, Soldier Boy - haven't seen this since a late '80's late night network TV showing. Excellent drama.

An Unmarried Woman - excellent; I've seen this on the old DVD.

Quntent - very unusual Robert Altman-directed sci-fi film, about a life in a futuristic ice age. Very unusual & unique film, starring Paul Newman.

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