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Fox/FoxKids - the REST of Digimon Season 1? (1 Viewer)

David Lambert

Senior HTF Member
Aug 3, 2001
The DVD that is out, popularly called "Digimon - Season 1" (even though the box only says Digimon: Digital Monsters on it) is great.

My 3-year old is wearing it out, if that's possible for a DVD.

However, dear old dad, as well as the boy, are getting tired of the same old 13 episodes over and over again:
  1. [*]And So It Begins... (Originally Aired 8/14/1999) [*]The Birth Of Greymon (Originally Aired 8/21/1999) [*]Garurumon: The Blue Wolf [aka Garurumon] (Originally Aired 8/28/1999) [*]Biyomon Gets Firepower [aka Fireman's Ball] (Originally Aired 9/4/1999) [*]Kabuterimon's Electro Shocker (Originally Aired 9/11/1999) [*]Togemon In Toy Town (Originally Aired 9/20/1999) [*]Ikkakumon's Harpoon Torpedo (Originally Aired 9/21/1999) [*]Evil Shows His Face (Originally Aired 9/22/1999) [*]Subzero Ice Punch! (Originally Aired 9/23/1999) [*]A Clue From The Digi-Past (Originally Aired 9/24/1999) [*]The Dancing Digimon (Originally Aired 9/25/1999) [*]DigiBaby Boom (Originally Aired 9/30/1999) [*]The Legend Of The DigiDestined (Originally Aired 10/1/1999)[/list=a]

    But those 13 episodes were only a small portion of the 54 episodes in Season 1!! How soon can we see the other forty-one entries from that season? I was HOPING that we'd see a Volume 2 DVD in time for this Christmas, but with no announcement I guess that's out of the question:
    1. [*]Departure For A New Continent (Originally Aired 10/2/1999) [*]The Dark Network Of Etemon (Originally Aired 10/4/1999) [*]The Arrival Of Scar Greymon [aka The Arrival Of Skullgreymon] (Originally Aired 10/5/1999) [*]The Crest Of Sincerity (Originally Aired 10/6/1999) [*]The Piximon Cometh (Originally Aired 10/7/1999) [*]The Prisoner Of The Pyramid (Originally Aired 10/8/1999) [*]The Earthquake Of Metal Greymon (Originally Aired 10/9/1999) [*]Home Away From Home (Originally Aired 10/16/1999) [*]Forget About It! (Originally Aired 10/23/1999) [*]Weregarurumon's Diner (Originally Aired 10/30/1999) [*]No Questions, Please (Originally Aired 11/6/1999) [*]Princess Karaoke [aka Princess Karoake] (Originally Aired 11/6/1999) [*]Sora's Crest Of Love (Originally Aired 11/13/1999) [*]The Gateway To Home (Originally Aired 11/20/1999) [*]It's All In The Cards (Originally Aired 11/27/1999) [*]Return To Highton View Terrace (Originally Aired 12/11/1999) [*]Almost Home Free (Originally Aired 12/11/1999) [*]The Eighth Digivice (Originally Aired 12/18/1999) [*]Gatomon Comes Calling (Originally Aired 12/18/1999) [*]Out On The Town (Originally Aired 1/29/2000) [*]The Eighth Child Revealed (Originally Aired 2/5/2000) [*]Flower Power (Originally Aired 2/5/2000) [*]City Under Siege (Originally Aired 2/12/2000) [*]Wizardmon's Gift (Originally Aired 2/12/2000) [*]Prophecy (Originally Aired 2/19/2000) [*]The Battle For Earth (Originally Aired 2/19/2000) [*]Enter The Dark Masters (Originally Aired 2/26/2000) [*]Sea-Sick And Tired (Originally Aired 2/26/2000) [*]Under Pressure (Originally Aired 3/4/2000) [*]Playing Games (Originally Aired 3/25/2000) [*]Trash Day (Originally Aired 4/1/2000) [*]The Ultimate Clash (Originally Aired 4/8/2000) [*]Etemon's Comeback Tour (Originally Aired 4/15/2000) [*]Ogremon's Honor (Originally Aired 4/22/2000) [*]My Sister's Keeper (Originally Aired 4/29/2000) [*]The Crest Of Light (Originally Aired 5/6/2000) [*]Joe's Battle (Originally Aired 5/13/2000) [*]The Crest Of Friendship (Originally Aired 5/20/2000) [*]Piedmon's Last Jest (Originally Aired 5/20/2000) [*]Apocalymon Now (Originally Aired 6/24/2000) [*]The Fate Of Two Worlds (Originally Aired 6/24/2000)[/list=a]

      I hope we can finally see the rest of these soon, and give me a rest from the baker's dozen on DVD now!





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Jared M

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 21, 2001
the only one's i want are the 8th digi destined child, the ones with myotis mon.

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