Fox and others: Please don't have features only available by watching the movie again

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    An example is Moulin Rouge. In order to see some of the extra features I have to restart the movie and just sit there for two hours waiting for the green fairy. This is too me insane.

    When I watch the movie the first time I want to watch it undisturbed, in order to concentrate and enjoy the movie to 100%. Then afterwards, you don't want to rewatch the whole thing again just in order to press a button every 20 minutes or so. Does this make any sense?

    I can see this as an extra feature for the few who may like this, but as the only way? Then if you try to force the right title/chapter on the remote you get shifted right back to the menu. Not very good. At least on Spy Games this last resort worked and I saved almost two hours. Still very annoying.

    Ron Birk
  2. Gord Lacey

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    I know Paramount included a feature on "SpongeBob Squarepants" where you could press the enter button when an icon came up and you were taken to another scene. I discovered that they also put chapter points each time one of these icons came up, making it easy to jump to the specific point. You may want to see if Moulin Rouge is set up this way.


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