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Sarah S

Second Unit
Feb 6, 2001
Mr. Straddon,
Looking at the chat transcript, it seems you are unaware of this wonderful gem of a show. I know that like Family Guy, Fox couldn't seem to find the audience it wanted for this show, but like the Family Guy I believe that it shouldn't be overlooked either. I know you will will have a full plate with checking all the other wonderful ilms Fox produced and making sure that they will get spectacular releases, but if you happen to have access to Fox's archives would you mind giving this marvelous show a look see? My family & circle of friends think that this show is funnier than evan the Simpsons (which I know is blasphomy) and I firmly believe that after watching just a couple episodes you might agree. The next thing you will probably say is that it might be tied up in syndication, but as this show has unfortunately completly disappeared from the airwaves this might not be so.
Thanks for checking & yes, I have voted for it on the extremely long TV Shows Wanted List. :)
Sarah S.

Brett Hancock

Supporting Actor
Jun 17, 2001
The Tick would be very sweet indeed. This show just like family guy just got thrashed on as far as time slot and airplay. This show deserves to be on dvd as well as family guy of course.
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May 31, 1999
Fox, you absolutely must get this one out. If for nothing more than to cross-promote the upcoming live action series. I would have to agree that this series is as funny if not funnier than the Simpsons.
It ran for 3 seasons (1994-1996) with 12 episodes a season. At about 20 minutes an episode, that is only about 12 hours of video. Any impending rights issues aside, this could easily come together as a nice "complete" box set or even broken into 3 smaller 1 season per disc issues.
When some of the episodes were released on VHS, they released them under the "FoxKids" label. My biggest fear is that Disney acquired the rights to "The Tick" animated series as part of the FoxFamily purchase.
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Derek Miner

Feb 22, 1999
In case Peter or anyone interested hadn't noticed, there is a pretty long thread going on this show over in the Software area:
And here's a relevant comment that I added to the thread:
I have heard of people paying outrageous amounts on Ebay for full sets of episodes, and those are just COPIES of tapes made off the air...
There's gotta be a market for this on DVD.
= Derek =

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