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Fox 1950s CinemaScope shorts (1 Viewer)

Douglas R

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Dec 30, 2000
London, United Kingdom
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20th Century Fox made quite a few shorts in the mid-1950s designed to show off CinemaScope and 4 track stereophonic sound. Several were classical music performances. They include:
Vesuvius Express (1953) The first travelogue released by Twentieth Century-Fox in CinemaScope, produced and directed by Otto Lang, is a photographic record of a journey from Milan to Naples, through Florence and Rome, on a streamlined passenger train. En route, the film takes time out in the cities mentioned to take a look at the landmarks—past and present—with the climax on the edge of Vesuvius’ smoldering crater (IMBD). Dir. Otto Lang 16 min
According to the InStereo website, the following were all released in 1954
Calypso Cruise. Reviewed by Kine Weekly Dec 23, 1954: “The islands of the Caribbean are visited in this Movietone CinemaScope in De Luxe colour which accompanies a holiday cruise liner to the major centres of interest. The vivid natural colouring of the West Indies is vividly caught in this...

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Dec 11, 2001
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Roland Lataille
Should the musical short before How to Marry a Millionaire be included?


DP 70

Oct 16, 2011
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I know that the Rialto Cinema in Coventry Street in London had a 4 Track Mag print of Tournament of the Roses in the box a one time. The Miracle of Stereophonic Sound short I have seen at the NFT and at
Bradford its great but the print has a bit of damage, but as we all know the Stereo sound is really good.
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Bob Furmanek

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Dec 10, 2001
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So would I, but I suspect they are somewhat low priority at the studio.

Here's a complete list of the 64 CinemaScope Specials:

7401 - The Coronation Parade
7402 - Vesuvius Express
7403 - Finale from Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4
7404 - Dancers of the Deep
7405 - Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor
7406 - Tournament of Roses
7407 - The New Venezuela
7408 - Haydn's Farewell Symphony
7409 - A Day Aboard a Jet Carrier
7410 - First Piano Quartet
7411 - Motion Picture Stunt Pilot
7412 - Stephen Foster Medley
7413 - Valley of the Nile
7414 - The Miracle of Stereophonic Sound
7415 - Roger Wagner Chorale
7416 - New Horizons
7417 - Land of Legend
7418 - Piano Encores
7419 - Calypso Cruise
7420 - Pride of the Nation
7421 - Fabulous Las Vegas
7422 - CinemaScope Parade
7423 - El Toro
7424 - Queen's Guard
7425 - The Empire Games
7426 - Flying to Fish
7427 - Far East Bastions
7501 - Tuna Clipper Ship
7502 - Stampede City
7503 - Birthday Parade
7504 - Fifth Avenue to Fujiyama
7505 - Supersonic Age
7506 - Land of the Nile
7507 - Tears of the Moon
7508 - Isle of Lore
7509 - Punts and Stunts
7510 - Pageants and Pastimes
7511 - Colorado Holiday
7512 - Children of the Sun
7513 - Clear the Bridge
7514 - Sorcerer's Apprentice
7515 - Naughty Mermaids
7516 - Winter Jamboree
7517 - Volcanic Violence
7518 - That Others May Live
7519 - Survival City
7520 - Gods of the Road
7521 - Desert Fantasy
7522 - Water Wizardry
7523 - Carioca Carnival
7524/7601 - Lady of the Golden Door
7525 - Queen's Guard
7602 - A Thoroughbred is Born
7603 - Adventure in Capri
7604 - Pigskin Peewees
7605 - Hunters of the Sea
7606 - Honeymoon Paradise
7607 - Cowboys of the Maremma
7608 - Land of the Bible
7609 - The Dark Wave
7610 - Hunting the Netchik
7611 - Spirit of the Race
7612 - Catching Sea Creatures
7613 -Outpost Korea


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Jan 2, 2015
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Warren Thomson
I remember screening all of these CinemaScope Short Titles at my Theatre during the 50's and 60's, and have fond memories of all of them. I was also projectionist at the Theatre. I started working at the Theatre mid 1953, and saw the transition to Wide Screen in the Industry actually take place. It was a very exciting time. I was particularly fond of "Movie Stunt Pilot", which featured Paul Mantz.


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Aug 23, 2006
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Wes Anderson
I have been waiting for some of these shorts for years. Apparently they used to appear on the fox channel in the US as fill-ins some years ago. I screened many of them during the 60's as additions to programmes in the theatre I managed at the time. Not all were 4 track magnetic. As the years went by the cost of providing magnetic prints for shorts apparently was too much and from some point most of them were single track optical.
The early ones from 1953 to about 1956 were all full track magnetic. They were great shorts in the early days and showed off the cinemascope screen and the stereo sound to perfection. Most were produced by Edmund Reek. They were great to supplement fox features.
I have several on Super 8 as distributed by Derran Films in the UK.
Warner Brothers also had a few great 4 track magnetic shorts Coney Island Holiday, Aloha Nui and Sportsman's Holiday are a few I can remember. I particularly liked Coney Island Holiday as it had the roller coaster ride and in 4 track stereo you thought you were on that rollercoaster.
If these were released on dvd or blu ray they would be definite purchases for me as I really loved them.

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