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Four Weddings and a Funeral: 2 disc SE (1 Viewer)


May 9, 2001
It's not even announced in R1 yet, in the UK it will be released 11/29, but in other European countries - or at least here in Holland - this has already been released.

I have received it this morning, just sampled the discs, and it all looks pretty good. One (standard) drawback is the fact that MGM replaces the titles within the movie ("3 Months Later") with subtitles. Minor, but still pretty frustrating, IMO.

Thumbs up though for supplying optional (English, French, Spanish and Dutch) subtitles on all features (including the commentary) but the theatrical trailer. All major studios should be able to offer this.

Disc 1 presents the movie as expected in 16:9 encoded 1.85:1 video with DD 5.1 sound, and with the already mentioned commentary featuring the director, producer and executive producer.

Disc 2, unlike the first disc, is single layered, and contains a 8 minute 1994 featurette (though the used movie footage seems recently (re-)inserted), a newly produced "making of" running just under 30 minutes, a casting featurette (just focusing on Andie & Hugh, 6 minutes), five short deleted scenes (total 4:30, with short optional video comments by the producer), a rather annoying photo gallery with a rose obscuring a significant part of the photos, and some interesting, never used promotional short spots, again with optional video comments by the producer. And of course, rounding it of, the theatrical trailer.

All the extras except for the original featurette are in 16:9.

I'm sure this is exactly the same as the upcoming UK edition. So if you can stand the bilingual Dutch/French back cover and slipcase - the set comes without insert - it might be worth importing, especially as the suggested retail price is less than the British version (20 euro vs 20 pound).


Peter Svensson

Second Unit
Nov 25, 2003
I was hoping for a digipack on R2UK. Sometimes they do that initially and after a while it turns into a keep case.

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