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Fosse/Verdon FX Series

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Matt Hough, Apr 6, 2019.

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    Fosse/Verdon has had scripted scenes with Neil Simon,Paddy Chayefsky and Alan Heim;
    so far, though, we haven't seen any references to the great Ralph Burns, who was integral to Fosse's success, as well.

    Michelle Williams portrayal of Gwen Verdon is sheer brilliance. IMHO, the toughest and most dangerous thing an actor can do within their careers is to take on a legend or an icon. If they don't nail it and get underneath the skin of the person, then they just come off as making an attempt or an imitative facsimile. With Michelle Williams, though, she has now done it twice with her earlier spot-on performance of Norma Jean in "My Weekend with Marilyn". And that one was really dangerous and beyond successful, to which Ms. Williams should have won the Oscar for that one.
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