? For those who Have Direct TV in SF Bay Area

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    I am considering getting Direct TV. I have a couple of questions for those in the SF Bay Area.
    What local channels are available? Are they available in Hi-Def? Do you like the service? Please add any other comments you feel are necessary.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I get a number of DTV stations over-the-air, including Fox Channel 2, KRON, KPIX, KGO, the San Jose Channel 11, and KQED. All are digital, but HD is broadcast on ABC and CBS heavily (all prime-time dramas/comedies and some sports), NBC (Crossing Jordan and The Tonight Show as of now) and KQED (various programs). On Direct TV, you get two HD channels: Channel 509 is HBO HD, and channel 199 is something new called HDNet that is just getting started and focusing on sports. It's carrying some NHL games for now. HDNet is, thus far, the best HD going, but the OTA stuff is pretty amazing as well. I'm in the South Bay and point toward the SF tower for my digital tv reception.

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