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    Even though you should ALL have been watching The Buffytastic Buffy/Angel combo INSTEAD of Dark Angel, I know there are some on the HTF that like the show, so here's the Japanese DVDs (cool cover, I'll say that much). All discs are Region 2 as always
    Ally McBeal Season 1(Box 1, ep 1-12)$66US-
    Dark Angel 2hr Pilot($26US)
    Dark Angel Season 1(Box 1 ep 2-11, 2 eps/disc, each disc available seperately for $26US(I HIGHLY suggest the box to save on shipping)$106US-
    Before anyone asks why we don't have these in the US, all together now
    SYNDICATION RIGHTS (Yes they suck, yes they're a fact of life, no they're not getting rid of them any time soon, though the window may be shortened in the future)
    Jeff Kleist
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    D'oh. Dark Angel is being broadcast in 16x9 in some markets, and it's kind of disappointing to see that the Japanese DVDs are (apparently) 4x3 only. I've never watched the show, but I'd probably buy it on DVD just because I'm a thoroughly strange person. Hopefully it'll get a widescreen R1 release at some point in the not-too-terribly-distant future.
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