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  1. Nick Graham

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    Oct 16, 2001
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    Guys, I enjoy a Friday The 13th flick as much as the next guy (in fact, the new trailer for Jason X puts that movie on my must-see list...check it out at ), but in then end, we are berating a DVD exec who is trying to be helpful over JASON 7 ?!?!?!
    In the crusade to get films released in their unaltered and uncut form, couldn't we pick a better sacred cow than the seventh Voorhees rampage? You have to realize, there are likely Paramount execs who work with Mr. Blythe (and are likely not as patient or nice) who are laughing over people putting up so much of a fuss over the 6th sequel to a franchise I doubt any of them see as a money maker any more.
    I'm not trying to troll here, but some of the behavior on the Studio Feedback forum is insane, and seems to be done by junior high students. I'm all for all of the Jason flicks to be released uncut, but lets not make ourselves out to look like idiots in trying to get it done.
  2. Ben Motley

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    Mar 3, 2001
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    Ooooh, you is askin' for trouble man. I kinda agree with ya, but, just watch your back my friend.
    Now, as for Friday the 13th and all the sequels so far brought to dvd...
    I have pretty much ignored the series as there has been so much angst over it's handling (which I pretty much am ignorant of as well, as I haven't even read a fraction of the numerous posts on these and other boards). What I would like to know, is there any one of the F13 dvds that is worth buying? Are ANY of them presented uncut and with a good transfer? Are they not anamorphic (yes, I could look that up, I know)? Basically, what I'm asking is it just F13 7 that is to be shunned?
    And, as to the edited scenes in question. Could somebody also tell me, with a minimum of emotional hyperbole, of the dvds that are missing scenes, are they at least the theatrical versions? Everybody seems to want the "unrated versions" of these films. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the first so many of these movies come out RATED?? Okay, yeah, I agree it would be cool to have cutting room floor scenes, ot MPAA mandated cut scenes restored, but if the dvds at least represent the original theatrical releases, I may finally, after all this time of putiing it off due to fellow forum board members' disdain rubbing off on me, I may just, don't hate me, actually pick a few of these up.
    Thank you in advance for any light that may be shed on this.
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  3. Christina_DQ

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    May 8, 2001
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    Yes...the dvds are only the standard R rated theatrical version,though some are slightly different than the TC. btw-the dvds have great picture & soiund + are in widescreen. 16.9 maybe,but i never checked. Still this is a fight against censorship & gettting films released in there proper versions,yet thisd studio mnore than anything is ignorant to the fact(so far).
    Heres a little run down on the variuos lengths of censorship the series suffered + veiws on dvds if i've seen them.
    Part 1 DVD is semi-uncut. Alittle bit of extra gore got through(prob because of not paying attention to what print was used,but its all good [​IMG] ),while some was trimmed even more than the R rated cut(namely the final beheading at the end). It's not comepletely uncut & you'll have to watch carefuly or you won't notice a thing. This wasn't as heavily cut as other Fridays,so it's tolerable in R rated form,though i would still like the uncut ersion avalible.
    Part 2's DVD the same R rated cut. This was HEAVILY censored & shows. The main reason we're pushing for uncut releases,at least get one movie out in that form for now.
    Part 3- i haven't seen,though there are reports that Chili's fire poker death scene is uncut. I'm
    not sure since i have'nt veiwed the disc,though would love to finnaly see this in 2:35 WS + 3-D if posible.
    Part 4-DVD missing some sound FX cues. Also the least censored film in the series,aside from the nurse getting gutted.
    Part 5-haven't seen the dvd yet. But this is where the series got really censored,that it ruined the films & shows. It's a horribly bad,but campy movie in that so bad it's good way,but the censorship makes it even more unbearable to sit through. All the deaths are off-screen/cut aways/extreme zoom in's blocking out the gore ect.
    Part 6-the BEST in the series other than the original. Also sadly HEAVILY censored,that theres no on-screen grue left & this did have some great FX that where never truly seen like the triple-decapitation scene among everything else. Could be rated PG-13 in this form.
    Part 7-While part 6 was directed with more style + away that the censorship would'nt ruin the flow of the film to it's watchable but lacking the punch of the uncut version. This film is
    horribly censored beyond recognition,wayyy past TV level. theres nothing left & worse,the cuts are ALL noticable. This had alot of FX work done in it,yet none of it has been seen by anyone except the people who worked on the film + the tape Kane shows at conventions sometimes. The main reason we're pushing for this film,other than it's next to be released is because the director himself is involved & trying to get his version released. But so far the studio is ignorant to the fact & ignores us,which is why people keep requesting it,to show we're not letting them get us down & they have two choices. Do the right thing,make $$ & everyone happy or ignore the fans,loose $$ & fans as they're doing now.
    Part 8-filmed in two ways. Bloody version & non-bloody version. The non-bloody version past with a R rating,with a few cuts + a death scene changed. The boxer original got darts through his eyes instead of the sana rock scene. It would be great if both versions of the films where released. Not a great movie,but it would be interesting to see the differences between the two.
    Jason Goes To Hell-R rated version is HEAVILY censored. Though good news for a change. The Unrated version is on video & i'm sure New Line will release that version or both on dvd,unlike Paramount. After veiwing the Unrated version of this,you'll wish & can'nt help but wonder why the other films where never given uncut releases & what they'll be like then?
  4. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    quote: Yes...the dvds are only the standard R rated theatrical version,though some are slightly different than the TC. btw-the dvds have great picture & soiund + are in widescreen. 16.9 maybe[/quote]
    No offense to your crusade there (to your OR Ricky F), but it seems like you're asking for much more than the studios are willing to give.
    We all are still trying to get OAR on a regular basis, and are still getting non-anamorphic releases (like Sister Act just was) to wring our hands over. Heck, we can't always get the trailer to go with the disc it's movie is on (Columber/TriStar is the primary offender there lately).
    Once you get the Original Theatrical Presentation, or something pretty close to it, as you state that you HAVE with the Ft13 films, with good quality video and sound, then why would you guys - and I'll be frank here - be quite so rude to Mr. Blythe over getting EVEN MORE than that?
    Lord knows I've been quite blunt with him, and with Mr. Staddon, and with others. At the same time I try to impart to everyone my respect and my gratitude for their time & effort here. And I try to never, ever piss them off outright. You guys are taking your "campaign's" fustrations out on him, and honestly it's gone over the top.
    Mods, I'll apologize a bit for my post here. It's not the job of HTF members to be vigilantes and take one another to task. The mods ARE doing their job on this issue, and so speaking my mind here probably isn't the thing to do.
    I am scared, however, that we'll drive away Martin, and possibily Peter and others, and never get great inside info like we did with Sat. Nite Fever. It's great to have frank discussions with these guys. It's great to get honest and blunt answers, even if it's a simple "no" like Martin gave us in regard to a Clue S.E.
    "You never know until you ask". Ask away for uncut versions of whatever you like. Just don't piss off the person you're asking...the answer is surely always going to be "NO!".
    I realize some of this is hard to read if it describes the reader...please just think it over and see what you can do to modify your approach. Okay? Thanks for listening...
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  5. Mark Zimmer

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    The F13 movies are so far as I know all cut. It was easy to disregard them at the $29.99 MSRP, but with the recent price drop I may just spring for them anyway, since it doesn't look like uncut versions will surface at any reasonable time in the future.
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