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Oct 24, 1999
Financial hardship forces sale of most of the items below:

1) Pair of JBL HLS810 in perfect working condition. Grill material on the bottom has rubbed through in a couple spots. In original box. 100 OBO shipped

1) JBL HLS Center speaker in great shape. In original box. 75 OBO shipped

1) JVC XV-FA90 7-disc DVD player. Plays DVD-Audio discs w/manual & remote 50 OBO shipped

1) Rotel RB-990BX 200-WPC amplifier, all black. Good condition, very minor scuff marks on top. 325 OBO shipped

1) Samsung SIR-TS360 DirecTV/OTA HD receiver with access card w/manual & remote 75 OBO Shipped

1) Sherwood CD980 single disc CD player. Read the reviews on this player! w/manual & remote 75 OBO shipped

1) Sony SAT-B55 DirecTV receiver with access card w/manual & remote 25 OBO shipped

1) Sony VPL-HS51 projector. This projector has a bluish haze that seems to shift around a bit over time. Not sure what it is but I just put in a new lamp a month or so before this started happening. This is being sold as is for parts. 150 OBO shipped-A new lamp is around three hundred or so last time I checked.

All items shipped to lower 48. I am a long time member, buy with confidence. If you have any questions or you want to see pics, send a pm or email.

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