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FOR SALE: Horror Import DVD's and some LD's!!! (1 Viewer)

Jul 25, 2000
Used DVD's (I have set up a separate account on DVDAf to show what I have to offer since there are pics there and IMDb links in case someone wants to know more about a particular title)

Used DVD's for Sale

Used LD's
Brainscan - $5.00
Cop Land - $7.00
Ed & His Dead Mother (sealed) - $10.00
Halloween - Criterion Collection (CAV) - $15.00
Humanoids from the Deep (remake) - $5.00
In the Mouth of Madness (includes featurettes not on the DVD) - $7.00
Stepfather 2: Make Room for Daddy - $5.00
Young Guns 1 & 2 (sold as a set) - $10.00

If you have any questions at all about anything, please feel free to PM me. Payment through PayPal is preferred but cash and checks (both sent at your own risk!) are welcomed as well. If you have any question about the prices of certain items I suggest you use the search function for completed items on various auction sites to get an idea of current going rates. This is what I largely based my pricing on and think it is fair. I will be open to negotiations on certain items within a reasonable range. All prices shown are before shipping and handling. I am located in N.Y. and am willing to ship worldwide. All items will be sent in secure, sturdy mailing boxes/envelopes, etc. Tracking, insurance, etc. do not come automatically and must be requested at the time of purchase. I think that about covers it.

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