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Discussion in 'Media Classifieds' started by John Wilson, Mar 27, 2003.

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    I have a few DVDs and LDs that I'd like to sell. DVDs will be shipped by USPS media mail. LDs will be shipped at the rate of $4 for the 1st title, $2 for the second title and $1 for each additional title. Here they are:


    The Perfect Storm WS $10.00 MINT shipped

    Antz! WS Signature Selection SEALED GONE

    AI: Artifical Intelligence MINT 2-Disc SE $15.00 shipped

    Lord of the Rings:FOTR WS 2-Disc Set SEALED $16.00 shipped


    Blown Away - Letterbox edition $4

    Casper - Letterboxed $4

    Dante's Peak - Widescreen AC-3 $5

    Firestorm - Widescreen AC-3 $5

    Die Hard - Widescreen AC-3 $7

    Die Hard 2 - Widescreen AC-3 $7

    Get Shorty - Letterboxed AC-3 SEALED $5

    Goldeneye - Letterboxed AC-3 SOLD

    The Rock - Letterboxed AC-3 $7

    The Long Kiss Goodnight - Widescreen AC-3 $7

    Mortal Kombat - Widescreen AC-3 $4

    The Saint - Widescreen AC-3 SEALED $5

    Stargate - Widescreen AC-3 SEALED $6

    Sudden Death - Letterboxed AC-3 $4

    Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Widescreen AC-3 SEALED $8

    Paypal money order or cashiers check is accepted. I'll only ship to lower 48 unless special arrangements are made. All LDs are in excellent condition.

    Let me know if anything interests you. [​IMG]

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