For Sale: Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T1951

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    Based on state-variable, constant-Q filters, the T1951 features four fully parametric stereo bands with center frequency, bandwidth and amplitude controls, plus the option to use the low- and high-frequency bands as shelving filters. In addition, you get 12AX7 tubes and our ULTRA-TUBE circuitry, enabling you to selectively add tube warmth to your EQ’d signal.


    I purchased this unit to get into the world of tube audio at
    an affordable price. I have since moved up to a pair of tube
    monoblocks and this piece is for sale.

    All of my equipment comes from a Smoke Free environment and
    this unit has less than an hour of "power on" time. It is
    flawless both cosmeticaly and in operation. The unit comes
    in it's original box with all original documentation and

    For more information see:

    Price is $150.00 Shipped UPS Ground Insured for full replacement

    See my ebay feedback ( Ebay User: lt1vette2 ) and buy with
    complete confidence. Also see my post count, I am not a
    newbie here and many people here know me and can vouch for
    my integrity. I have handled numerous online transactions
    and have never had anyone not pleased with my dealings.

    I will accept personal checks (allow 10 days to clear) or
    US Postal Money Orders. Item will be properly double boxed
    and insured and a tracking number will be provided. If you
    have further questions please do not hesitate to email me
    at [email protected]

    Brett DiMichele

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