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FOR SALE: Atlantic Technology 250.1 (5) speaker satellite system (1 Viewer)

Glenn Baumann

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Mar 31, 1999
I have for sale the Atlantic Technology 250.1 (5) speaker timbre matched satellite system with the factory front left/right stands. The selling price for all is $300.00 plus the buyer pays all shipping unless the buyer is a reasonable distance from New York City then I would be willing to work out some sort of delivery arrangement. I prefer Paypal for payment but would consider other options.This setup is in absolutely LIKE NEW, perfect condition both cosmetically and functionally! The (5) speaker set comes packaged in the original factory cartons and packaging. The front left/right and center channel speakers are of the D'Apolito (woofer/tweeter/woofer) design and the surrounds are dipolar in nature. This really is a terrific sounding system particularly for movie soundtrack reproduction as the Atlantic Tech speakers exhibit their trademark, very warm and neutral sound with the slightest rolloff in the uppermost treble frequencies which by design allows for listening for prolonged periods without that fatiguing, bright, grating type of sound... very smooth, very pleasing. The sound for music is also excellent! These speakers can really crank if desired, they can handle 150 watts rms! Below I have provided some links with info on these speakers and I can also fax a review by Home Theater magazine on this setup if desired.
Links... http://www.happymedium.com/atlprod.htm#250 Link Removed http://www.atlantictechnology.com
This really is a truly sweet sounding little system and for the price of only $300.00 for LIKE NEW equipment this deal cant be beat... just add your favorite subwoofer and rock on! You would not be dissappointed!
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