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Discussion in 'Music' started by ManW_TheUncool, Apr 6, 2004.

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    Actually posted this over in the After-Hours Lounge section, but not sure that many Blondie fans would go there, instead of here. While this post is not strictly about music or music recordings, it is related to Blondie's new album release since these are pics from the J&R mini-concert that promotes the new album. So hope y'all find this appropriate enough and enjoy this post. [​IMG]


    Hey! Whaddaya know? I needed to go drop off my extended warranty card for my new Nikon D70 kit lens and decided to take a short break from work for some photo opps on this fine late afternoon (a rare one so far this spring in NYC), and look what I found nearby at the City Hall Park. [​IMG] A nice treat for all the Blondie fans, no? :wink:

    Here's a sample shot to start you off:


    Too bad I didn't get there soon enough for a better spot to shoot w/ my "meager" 85mm f/1.8. Took me a while to even find an ok spot way off to the side for these shots. You can find more here:

    BTW, she looks pretty great given her age, no? And there's still something about her that's very striking even though I'm not a real fan or anything like that.

    And oh yes, be sure that I also got a few decent non-Blondie candids also (as I usually try). :wink:



    Let me know what you think. [​IMG]

    Kind regards,

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    Nice! Thanks!

    But I won't save it ' cause its a bitmap [​IMG]

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