For a 7.1 set up what kind of speakers should the extra 2 be, & where do they all go?

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    Hey ALL! [​IMG]
    I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my speakers (Energy Take 5.2 with S10 sub) and my Denon AVR 3802! I dunno much about speaker setups and all that, this is my first endeavor into HT. Now is there any extra equipment I need or may need to be able to use a 7.1 set up with the Denon? I heard it is 7.1 capable but I'm not completely sure. With the speakers I am getting, what should the 2 extra speakers be? 2 more surrounds? maybe another center and a surround??
    Thanks everyone for any input you might give me!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    For basic questions, check here first: I'm not sure if this specific question was answered, but it's still got tons of good info.
    Also consider trying a search before asking a general question such as this, to see if it has been answered previously.
    The "extra" two should be matched to your other speakers. Not necessarily identical, but from the same family of speaker as the other satellites.
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    I'm also using a 3802 and am very happy with it. I originally had 2 small monitors in back for 7.1, but upgraded to an entire Klipsch set-up and now use a CC in the back for 6.1. Both sound very good.

    There isn't always a lot of sound from the back so a smaller speaker or pair will do fine. Perhaps get a matching CC and put it back there.

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