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Mar 29, 2002
I ask this in a different forum but I would like to get some feedbacks from here.

Hello to all! Maybe you can share some thoughts on my additional tweak to my setup. I recently bought a used subwoofer to complement the speakers I have. I wasn't that impressed with the bass when I bought it, of course, what can I expect from an 8" driver. So comes in the sub. I do have a separate system for my Hifi and Ht but I want to utilize the sub for dual use. Tell me guys if I'm doing the wiring sequence right before I fried something along the way.
For HT:
From the receiver's LFE to the sub's low level inputs (L&R).
For HiFi:
From preamp + amp + sub high level inputs + sub high level outputs + speakers.

I'll be turning on one system at a time. Now, here are some more questions, sorry:

-how do I go about the adjustments on the sub to blend well with the speakers?
-what info should I need to base the adjustments?
-should I keep on doing adjustments between HT & Hifi or it is a one time tweaking for each system use?

Thanks for any inputs shared to this inquiry.


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Sep 5, 2006
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Very Strange setup. There's no way to balance the input from the High level input from one system and the LFE input from the other system. I would love to be there to see what happens when both systems are accidently turned on at the same time.... if these Amps are located together why not get a simple Rca Switch and use LFE for both systems. Just switch the switch when you want to change to the other AMP. Then you can make the calabrition in your recievers to match each other and not change the settings on you sub.

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