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Nov 8, 2004
I really don't know what to do here. I have settled on the speakers i want to get but I am stuck when it comes to separates. Many people swear by av123.com and their products but i don't know if i want to wait for that company to iron out all the kinks in the new emotiva line. I also want connectivity in my separates. I want to be able to hook up a computer to my pre amp and listen to music and browser my computer.

Should i wait for the emotivas?

Should i go out and get the rockets and wait to choose separates?

should i get the rockets at all?

Should i get the new anthem statement d1?

What about an amp?

And finally what about the new wave of digital amping?

I just want to finish this system so i can enjoy the svs -pc ultra sub thats been sitting in my living room collecting dust.

Anthem AVM-30-PRE-AMP or the new anthem statement d1or something else?

Onix Rocket series rs1000's - Fronts
Onix Rocket series rs200- center
Onix rocket series rs300- surrounds
svs pc ultra- Sub

Nov 8, 2004
I've been listening around and found that i like a more detailed sound. So for a pre-amp I would want detail not too much though. I really want power for the amp too.

Since i have settled on the onix rockets or onix ref 3's what amp and pre amp fill the description?

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