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Nov 1, 2017
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Focal Expands Custom Installation Speaker Line with 100 and 300 Series

French speaker manufacturers, Focal, have introduced two new built-in speaker ranges, the entry-level 100 Series, and mid-price 300 Series, for in-wall and in-ceiling applications. The company claims that the 'discreet and compact' design of the new lines of speakers, which combine Focal's technologies and acoustic expertise, will offer high levels of performance at competitive prices.

The speakers are suitable for all rooms in the home, including those of different sizes, and have multiple uses, including home theaters with up to a 320 sq. ft. floor plan.


Focal 100 ICW5

The in-ceiling or in-wall 100 Series models feature a compact design with the speaker's driver basket and chassis designed as a single unit, and include Focal's Polyglass mid/bass driver cone and aluminum inverted dome tweeter. All models in the range are also appropriate for use in humid environments like bathrooms. Designed predominantly for small- to medium-sized rooms, the 100 Series range is composed of three coaxial loudspeakers, all of which can be used as either in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeakers (100 ICW5, 100 ICW6 and 100 ICW8), one coaxial in-ceiling stereo loudspeaker (100 IC6ST), one in-ceiling loudspeaker (100 IC LCR5) and two products specifically intended for in-wall use (100 IW6, 100 IWLCR5). The 100 Series will be available in February this year.


Focal 300 IWLCR6

The new mid-price 300 Series, manufactured in France, are more specifically designed for low profile A/V systems, and feature flax cone mid/bass drivers and aluminum-magnesium inverted-dome tweeters. The IW6, IWLCR6 and ICLCR5 join the already-existing members of the 300 series (ICW4, ICW6 and ICW8), are designed not to suffer from 'bathroom effect', and offer high-power handling, as well as heat protection properties. The 300 ICLCR5 is equipped with a left/center/right channel selector to mechanically direct the sound towards the listening point, making it perfect for home theaters. For in-ceiling loudspeakers, the dedicated 300 CLCR5 is equipped with an adjustable tweeter housing for directing sound towards the listening point with precision. The tweeter level is also adjustable so that it can be set according to the room’s acoustics, and the upper mid-range can also be adjusted. Note that for the 300 IW6 in-wall loudspeaker, the tweeter is fully adjustable to ensure 'homogenous' sound throughout the room. The 300 Series will be available in May.

Ease of installation on all products in these ranges is a key component, with the patented EQI system (Easy Quick Install) applying to the 300 Series. They can be installed without tools thanks to the mounting bracket system, which automatically attaches the loudspeaker to the support, ensuring the system’s ridged mounting and total reliability. No prices are available at time of writing.
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