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Floorstanding Speaker: Which to buy JBL E80 Vs Athena F1 Vs Klipsch R15s (1 Viewer)


Jan 18, 2006
I am updating my home theater.
Current System:
Receiver : Harmon Kardon AVR 225
Speaker: 5.1 (Old bookshelf Onkyo speakers) Similar to Onkyo HT-S580

I have $500 to spend. I have decided to first upgrade the front speakers and the center one. After doing a lot of research, I have zeroed in on these three for the front speakers. I presumed that floor standing speakers are better than bookshelf or satellite speakers. I mostly watch movies (85 % ) and listen to music 15% of the time.

1. Klipsch R15
2. JBL E80
3. Athena AS F1

I still have to go a store to audition the speakers. Based on the reviews I am slightly inclined on getting the JBL in which case I can buy the JBL EC35 center speaker and that would bring me to my $500 budget.

Later on I plan to update the sub-woofer and then the surround speakers. I plan to stick to the 5.1 channel setup for the time being (Till more 6.1 and 7.1 movies are released on DVD).

I would like to know
1. If I am spending the dollar amount the right way (updating the front and center speakers first and then followed by the sub and lastly the surrounds) ?
2. Which of the three floor standing speaker that I have mentioned above would best suit (improve) my home theater experience ?
3. Are there other speakers I can buy that are better but will still let me stay with in my budget ? (I saw an ad on craigslist in Portland OR, where someone is selling a pair of used JBL S-310 for $300)


Jan 18, 2006
Then I will be left with only $100 for the center speaker and that may not be enough. Of course if Athena AS-F2 makes an enormous difference in the HT experience, I dont mind sequeezing in the extra bucks. But the question is, if the Athena AS-F2.2s is a significant improvement over the the other speakers I have mentioned for home theater

Phil Iturralde

Oct 7, 1998
PrakashM - you'll find that in an open forum like this, everyone will voice and recommend their favorites speakers.

So, let me point out what you wrote above ...

The JBL S-310 is the model up from the JBL E-80 (smoother highs w/more SPL presence & impact), ... just make sure that the S-310's were not abused, etc. So if that becomes your choice (offer $290.00 for the pair), ... to complete the front soundstage, I'd recommended getting one of the JBL S-Center's off eBay (or Craigslist if one shows up). Later, you can get the JBL S-36's @ jandr.com (presently $229 a set w/FREE Shipping) to handle your surround duties. NOTE: ALL JBL S-Series are timbre-(voice)-matched to the JBL S-Center.

For powered-sub duties - save your milk-money for an SVS!!!

Have fun auditioning!


Jan 14, 2006
If you like the Athena F2's you can get the AS-C1 for $99 at Audio Advisor and you are still in your $500 budget.

As stated it would certainly be best to demo all of the models that you have interest in and decide for yourself what sounds best.

Good luck and have fun.

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