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Oct 14, 2014
Ann arbor, Michigan
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Hey guys!

I'm sure you get a million of these (and I've read a million trying to figure things out), but I could use a little help figuring out what to get and an upgrade path.

First things first, what I have now

Receiver: Yamaha rx-v477 (brand new, got it extremely cheap)
Speakers: 3 JVC satellite speakers, two ? speakers (I was told they are American Audio satellites)
Subwoofer: one a powered, one a passive (I think the powered is JVC and passive is AA)

You're thinking "Hey, that doesn't tell me much, what speakers are they? What can the subs do?" Well, I got them for a few bucks on CL to test the receiver/turntable/phono preamp so your guess is probably better than mine (though I can upload pics later if you really want to take a crack at guessing).

Now where I need the help. The speakers suck. I'm looking for some floor standing speakers that I can run for right now to listen to vinyl, but will also make a decent start as I want to build out a 5.1 surround system over the next year or two for movies. For music I run everything from AC/DC to Tchaikovsky but mostly love Folk and Bluegrass, so versatility is ultimately key.

These will be going in a 12X16 room with a window on one side and opens to the kitchen on the left (pretty typical apartment living room). Not the biggest area, however, I'll probably be moving next year to a space about double the size in 8 months or so.

I'm looking at:
Yamaha NS-F150 - http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/yamnsf150pn/yamaha-ns-f150-floor-standing-speaker-each-piano-black/1.html#!specifications
Boston Acoustics rs223 - http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/bosrs223gba/boston-acoustics-rs223-reflection-series-lcr-speaker-ea-black/1.html#!specifications

but I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Budget is about $400-500 now for the floor standing, and then add in the center and two surrounds later (the subs sound okay so I'll save a little and keep the powered).
Should I maybe ignore the floorstanding, get two bookshelves, and save for better floorstanding speakers? Are there different floorstanding speakers in my budget that are better? What can I add later that will match and fill out the 5.1 surround?

Again, thanks for any advice on this, you guys seem pretty friendly and I'm excited to get started on this, I've been running $10 headphones for way too long.


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May 5, 1999
Santa Clara, CA
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Of the ones you listed - from the links they have listed:

Frequency Response 37 Hz–30 kHz
Sensitivity 88 dB/2.83 V/1 m

Frequency Range (+-3dB):78Hz – 26kHz
Sensitivity:88 dB SPL/2.8V/m

"Should I maybe ignore the floorstanding, get two bookshelves, and save for better floorstanding speakers? "

- Never too big on going with floor standing speakers if you are also running a sub - as the sub ends up getting the lower frequencies anyway. The THX recommendation for sub crossover is 80 Hz - so anything 80 Hz and under is going to your sub. As long as the speakers you get can go low enough to integrate well with the subs, you are all good. The only advantage then with the floor standers is that the larger cabinet ends up bringing the tweeters up to ear height. The smaller speakers I am recommending are much more efficient than the 2 you listed - so they will play much louder given the same power - all you have to do is find some speaker stands:

For $318 - you can get a pair of these:


Frequency Response:
60Hz – 20kHz +/- 2 dB

92 dB / 1m / 2.83V in Half Space

Put them on stands and add your sub(s) - and you are good to go...

Can add the matching center and another pair for a complete system later if you wish.

For your $500.00 original budget - can get a pair of the bookshelf speakers and the matching center - add a pair of speaker stands and you will be all set:


"Are there different floorstanding speakers in my budget that are better? "

--See response above - don't really need the floor standing models...if you are running a sub.

"What can I add later that will match and fill out the 5.1 surround?"

-- Same speaker line - can buy 2 more of the same speakers, and have all corners be exactly the same.

I am running with this setup (4 HB-1 MK2 and 1 HC-1 MK2 Center) and am very happy with it...

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