Flinstones S.2 coming soon!

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by David*P, May 12, 2004.

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    Jan 30, 2004
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    Just read this about the release of Flintstones Season 2. I'm really excited about this news simply because it's getting the series closer to season six which contains the episode entitled "Samantha" featuring the guest voices of Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York as the caveman version of their Bewitched characters.

    Here is an episode listing for S.2:
    29. 15-Sep-1961 The Hit Song Writers
    30. 22-Sep-1961 Droop Along Flintstone
    31. 29-Sep-1961 The Missing Bus
    32. 06-Oct-1961 Alvin Brickrock Presents
    33. 13-Oct-1961 Fred Flintstone Woos Again
    34. 20-Oct-1961 The Rock Quarry Story
    35. 27-Oct-1961 The Soft Touchables
    36. 03-Nov-1961 Flintstone of Prinstone
    37. 10-Nov-1961 The Little White Lie
    38. 17-Nov-1961 Social Climbers
    39. 01-Dec-1961 The Beauty Contest
    40. 08-Dec-1961 The Masquerade Ball
    41. 15-Dec-1961 The Picnic
    42. 22-Dec-1961 The House Guest
    43. 29-Dec-1961 The X-Ray Story
    44. 05-Jan-1962 The Gambler
    45. 12-Jan-1962 A Star is Almost Born
    46. 19-Jan-1962 The Entertainer
    47. 26-Jan-1962 Wilma's Vanishing Money
    48. 02-Feb-1962 Fuedin' and Fussin'
    49. 09-Feb-1962 Impractical Joker
    50. 16-Feb-1962 Operation Barney
    51. 23-Feb-1962 The Happy Household
    52. 20-Mar-1962 Fred Strikes Out
    53. 09-Mar-1962 This is Your Lifesaver
    54. 16-Mar-1962 Trouble-In-Law
    55. 23-Mar-1962 The Mailman Cometh
    56. 30-Mar-1962 The Rock Vegas Story
    57. 06-Apr-1962 Divided We Sail
    58. 13-Apr-1962 Kleptomaniac Caper
    59. 20-Apr-1962 Latin Lover
    60. 30-Apr-1962 Take Me Out to the Ball Game

    Note that the first five episodes Mel Blanc was not available to do Barney's or Dino's voices. They were done by Daws Butler.
  2. Carlos Garcia

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    Mar 11, 2004
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    Oh man I can't wait...I love every season of this show. Yes even the Gazoo episodes have some good ones. I can't wait for Ann Margrock, The Way Outs, Jimmy Darrock, Samantha, and so many more...I hope sales are so good that the complete 6 seasons are released!
  3. Charles Ellis

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    Jan 5, 2002
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    By the way, Mel wasn't able to do the first five of the second season because he was recovering from a near-fatal car crash at L.A.'s infamous "Deadman's Curve"- the same spot that inspired the Jan & Dean song. Apparently, after a while the crew recorded the cast from Mel's bedroom as he recovered. Personally, I can't wait til Season 3 for several reasons: Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm, and Ann Margrock!! Did you also know that Wilma's portrayer Jean VanderPyl was also pregnant with her son while Wilma was expecting Pebbles? Jean even gave birth the same night offscreen as millions watched Fred & Wilma welcome Pebbles into the Stone Age!
  4. MarcoBiscotti

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    Sep 2, 2003
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    I hope we start to see some of the t.v. movies and specials from the 70's-80's too, especially the Christmas and Frankenstone Meets Rockula one!!
  5. GarySchrock

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    You know, if that type of thing were to happen these days, it'd be referred to as a publicity stunt (even if it really wasn't).
  6. Randy Korstick

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    Feb 24, 2000
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    I love all the original 6 seasons of this show too and can't wait for them to come out. I'd also love a DVD of their theatrical film "The Man Called Flintstone". I'll pass on any later Flintstones releases though.
  7. Andrew Radke

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    May 8, 2003
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    Andrew Radke
    Aside from the original series, I think the only other release I'd like to see regarding The Flintstones is 'A Flintstone Christmas' from 1977.......strictly for nostalgia. I grew up watching that special as a kid, and now everytime I see it, I sort of drift back to that time of my life when all was right with the world. lol. Cartoon Network released it on VHS a number of years ago (which I promptly purchased) but I'd love to see this on DVD. As for the other specials, spin-offs, etc, I can do without. Just the 6 seasons of the original and the Christmas special will suit me just fine!

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