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    Hey folks--
    Ken Caillat, one of the original producers of Rumours and a pioneer of multi-channel audio, says he is interested in licensing rights to the band's videos for DVD release if there is sufficient demand. His company, 5.1 Entertainment, worked on the recent DVD-Audio release of Rumours.
    He's looking at interest in the DVD through a petition at a Fleetwood Mac web site. They are requesting at least 10,000 people who would buy this release.
    I don't know why more haven't signed up... it seems there would be very high demand for this, since at least Stevie Nicks has such a huge Internet following. But the process is not going well. Let's sign up and support this effort!
    Here's the "wish list" for what 5.1 Entertainment is looking to license for the DVD (sounds like a great one):
    1. Oh Well (Video Comp Reel)
    2.Why (Capital Center '75 Concert) approx. 3:45
    3.Station Man (Capital Center '75 Concert) approx. 4:00
    4.Rhiannon (Rosebud) 6:52
    5.I'm So Afraid (Rosebud) 5:02
    6.Say You Love Me (Rosebud) 3:55
    7.Monday Morning (Japan)
    8.Songbird (Japan) 3:30
    9.World Turning (Midnight Special) approx. 6:00?
    10.Go Your Own Way (Rosebud) 3:32
    11.Dreams (Paris Promo) 4:19
    12.You Make Loving Fun (Japan) 3:45
    13.Gold dust woman (3 reels)
    14.The Chain (Mirage Concert) 5:45
    15.Tusk (video) 3:30
    16.Sara (Tusk Doc) 4:08
    17.Not That Funny (Tusk Doc) 2:10
    18.Sisters of the Moon (Mirage) 7:45
    19.Hold Me (video) 3:57
    20.Gypsy (video) 4:12
    21.Eyes of the World (Mirage) 3:45
    22.Oh Diane (billed on the list as The "FM story")
    23.Little Lies (video) 3:34
    24.Seven Wonders (video) 3:38
    25.Big Love (video) 3:57
    26.As Long As You Follow (video) 4:07
    27.In The Back Of My Mind (video)
    28.Skies the Limit (video) 3:42
    29.Paper Doll (video) 3:56
    30.Love Shines (video) 4:10
    31.Silver Springs (Dance) 5:45
    32.Don't Stop (The Brits) approx. 4:00
    Here's the URL for the petition:
    I'd love to have this in my collection. Wouldn't you?
  2. Paul James

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    Jul 17, 1999
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    Done, that would be a great DVD !!! Bring it on, let's hope we get to the 10,000 sigs required.

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    Randy Margolis
    Me too, yum yum...
  4. Alan_Horner

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    I've already signed the petition, but isn't 10,000 an astronmically high number to strive for? I know it's probably the sales plateau which the folks at 5.1 have calculated as necessary in order to make a profit on a Fleetwood Mac compilation DVD, and I know that it may seem a small number compared to the 25 million players out there. But how many copies does the average musicvideo title sell? I have no idea, but I don't expect any to suddenly become the top-selling DVD of all time anytime soon. Is 10,000 a reasonable expectation?
    And isn't an online signature petition a beast of a different nature? It's not like walking into a store and seeing a product you can buy. I wouldn't have known about the petition if I hadn't discovered HTF, so I'm guessing that there's a large number of Mac fans out there in DVD land who are completely in the dark. I tried to aid the cause by asking a couple of the major DVD Web sites to announce the online petition, but got no response. [​IMG]
    Maybe 5.1 Entertainment could take into account the sales figures for the Fleetwood Mac DVD The Dance as a better basis for deciding if its worthwhile to release a compilation disc.
    And God bless Ken Caillat! Rumours is my favorite DVD-A title so far. It sounds frigging incredible!
  5. Jamie Cole

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    Aug 8, 1999
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