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Discussion in 'Music' started by Paul Boyle, May 16, 2003.

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    Within days of each other I received both the new Mac "Say You Will" (SYW) & "Live @ BBC" DVD-A discs & have listened to them non stop for the past week ...
    SYW is a great sounding disc with an excellent set of tracks - The surround mix is quite a change from their previous DVD-A "Rumours" which although a classic in its own right was (IMO) a bit too "over the top" in respect of the surround mix - That said "Rumours" had a great DVD-A with lots of extras (commentaries / pics / trivia etc)
    SYW has nothing (that I could find) ...
    "Live @ BBC" is a quantum leap from SYW - 36 tracks (yes I did say 36 - 110 minutes to be exact) from early recordings of the Peter Green era Mac - Mostly short blues numbers with plenty of standards & early Mac tracks like Albatross / Man of The World / Oh Well
    As you'd expect the surround mix of this is pretty basic
    (I prefer this one's stereo track) A few pages of extras are provided on this disc
    Both discs well received in my household & (for different reasons) highly recommended ... Paul [​IMG]
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