Fist of the North Star DVD

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  1. Scott Weinberg

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    Oct 3, 2000
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    I headed over to Tower Video today to get Willow, and saw Fist of the North Star (not the animated one) with a sticker price of $2.99! I was sure it was a mistake, but nope.
    Three bucks.
    I had to buy it. I caught the tail end of this movie on cable one night, and it seemed like a true B-movie cheeseball laugh riot. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.
    Once I got home, I realized the movie is Fullscreen only. [​IMG]
    Oh well, you get what you pay for.
    Anyone know how much this DVD is going at your local B&Ms? I'm curious to see if it's three bucks everywhere or if my local Tower just had some freaky sale.
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    Roger Mathus
    If you are talking about the Fox Lorber release, it is

    $ 18.84 at Laser's Edge, $ 18.74 at DVD Planet and more than $ 22 at Amazon. Tower is generally not known for deep discounts. Based upon the Amazon price and the $ 24.99 list price, I would guess that you got a copy intended to be

    $ 22.99 and miss-marked. It appears that Fox Lorber has not lowered prices on older titles like most of the majors. early Fox Lorber releases were not known for very high quality, by you really got a bargain.

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