Fist of Legend and Iron Monkey best version?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Ben_S, Apr 18, 2004.

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    Hi all,

    I'd really like to get a copy of these discs. From what I've heard, the HKL version of Iron Monkey is the best one. Is there a better Fist of Legend than the Columbia version?
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    For Iron Monkey as you say the best releases are from HKL (these are R2 & PAL) so you need suitable kit if in North America.

    There are however 2 versions.
    Normal 1 disk & a new 2 disk Special Edition (is marketed as one of their Platinum 2 disk releases), came out last month.

    However beware the picture quality on the new 2 disk SE is worse than on the old 1 disk
    See for comparison review with screenshots.

    The 2 disker does include a commentary, DTS track & other extras, which are different to those on the 1 disk.

    I have both but depending on priorities will determine which one to go for PQ or sound & extras.
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    Here's a review of 2 versions of Fist Of Legend.

    There is no perfect version of this film available (Thanks Miramax/Dimension!). The Dimension release is English only and dumbs down the dialogue and changes character motivations. It is uncut as the RITEK version is an alternate cut that has an extra scene.

    The Ritek version is also missing the original language but it is in Mandarin with English subtitles. The entire soundtrack is Mandarin even when characters are supposed to be speaking Cantonese or Japanese. The subs are better because the are truer to the orginal meaning. They don't omit the the racial tension between the Chinese and Japanese.

    If you speak French, there is a HKVIDEO version. It has forced French subtitles so if you can speak Cantonese you will still have to see them.

    There may be a legitimate VCD floating around out there that had the original soundtrack but I haven't seen it personally.

    Somtimes the laser disc is on Ebay and not all that expensive. I keep losing those auctions otherwise I would have that one.


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